You Are Beautiful: Toni S. | Maggie Messer Boudoir

You Are Beautiful: Toni S. | Maggie Messer Boudoir

How a photoshoot became a release of joy, happiness… and tears

Toni S.’s session for the You Are Beautiful campaign was like a moment of everything coming full circle for her. 

When getting to know Toni, I learned that she had been working on herself the past few years.  Walking into the studio and doing this photoshoot, it was as if this experience confirmed to her just how beautiful, strong, and powerful she really is.

It seemed like Toni felt like this photoshoot was the perfect moment to reflect on her accomplishments and how far she came in her life. How far she had come with herself – and with her kids. Keep reading for a look behind the scenes of our glamour session and a powerful Q+A about her story and what a beautiful moment this photoshoot was for the both of us.

Maggie: What things have most affected you and the way you look at the world? 

Toni: I’m a single mother of 3. I lost my husband at a very young age – after he had a long, five year fight of heart disease. Beyond that, being an educated African American mother in today’s society can sometimes make [life] that much harder.

M: How has that affected your definition of beauty?

T: [My definition of beauty is the] unconditional love you give yourself – WITHIN! [It] shines throughout to others, therefore making me feel beautiful! 

M: To me beauty is a light in the heart! Do you view yourself as “beautiful”? What is your favorite non-physical feature about yourself?

T: Absolutely! I have alopecia. God made us all different for a reason – so it’s up to the person to BELIEVE that she is beautiful. 

M: How does the woman you are today make you uniquely powerful?

T: Past trials and tribulations and I still smile every and walk with a purpose!

M: What made you want to do this session?  Why are beautiful photos important for you right now?

T: I use [photo] filters to show different shades of light and to help enhance what I’m not positive about. I would love to have that shown naturally by a professional!

For more behind the scenes on Toni’s shoot, head over to my Instagram.

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💄 Hair and Makeup by Kellie Outlaw with Sparkle Studios.

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  2. […] You Are Beautiful: Toni S. | Maggie Messer Boudoir […]

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