You are Beautiful: Tenisha G. | Maggie Messer Boudoir

You are Beautiful: Tenisha G. | Maggie Messer Boudoir

The unexpected way one woman reignited the joy in her life

It’s still the beginning of a new year and new decade and for most of us resolutions are still fresh in our minds. When I connected with Tenisha, I knew her story of reinvention and finding joy would be one I’d want to share… 

Maggie: What do you remember learning about beauty from a young age?

Tenisha: When I was young, I learned that I felt more beautiful the more confident I became. Every time I stepped out of my comfort zone I became a bit more confident…a little less meek and beauty became a feeling, not an accomplishment! 

M: Tell me your story. What life experiences have made you who you are today?

T: I have owned dance studios for 18 years and still choreograph to this day. I am married and have three boys. 

When my last dance studio went out of business, I struggled finding joy until I got an unexpected phone call. I was asked to take in a girl from Brazil who needed a new host family. By saying yes to love another child, I found joy and a passion to write. My first book is launching this June about this experience. 

I am currently launching my career as a motivational speaker and coach. I am passionate about helping other women remember their passion, their dream…and help them ignite “that special thing” within them that has been there all along! 

M: What is your definition of beauty?

T: Beauty is a feeling you feel when your confidence outweighs social pressure. When you choose to drop the idea to please people and do what drives you, your own personal style emerges. When joy exudes you, beauty exudes out of you. When you begin to spend more energy loving others well, and less focus on self criticism, people will begin to be drawn to your beauty. 

M: What is your favorite NON physical feature about yourself? 

T: My ability to love others well. I can meet people where they are and help them believe in themselves again. 

M: Based on your personal experience, what words of wisdom would you like to share with others who struggle to see their own beauty?

T: Write 5 positive affirmations about yourself on your mirror. I am beautiful, I am smart, there is no one like me, I am successful etc. say them EVERY day until you start to believe them. 

M: What made you want to do this session?  Why are beautiful photos important for you right now?

T: I am driven to help women find joy and beauty within themselves. It’s my jam! Having professional photos of myself will help launch my personal brand to get speaking engagements and grow my influence to inspire others. I also love the way photo shoots make women feel beautiful! I hope it inspires women who are 40 and older like I am to still value and celebrate their individuality! 

M: How does being the woman you are today make you uniquely powerful?

T: I have learned how to persevere with joy. Instead of giving up after a failed dream and business of being a dance studio owner. I “failed forward”… focusing on loving others and not in my disappointment. I reinvented my life, and refused to believe I was nothing but a dance teacher. I had something else to offer. I had once created beauty in movements and dance productions. Now I am more interested in a different kind of movement…a movement to empower women to dream after disappointment. 

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  1. […] You are Beautiful: Tenisha G. | Maggie Messer Boudoir […]

  2. […] You are Beautiful: Tenisha G. | Maggie Messer Boudoir […]

  3. […] You are Beautiful: Tenisha G. | Maggie Messer Boudoir […]