You are Beautiful: Brandy J. | Maggie Messer Boudoir
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You are Beautiful: Brandy J. | Maggie Messer Boudoir

How finding your meaning helps make you feel beautiful

Growing up, Brandy J. had low self esteem that started from a very young age. Dropping out of high school and later having a botched surgery that left her scarred didn’t help her confidence improve either. So what did? Finding the meaning in her own beauty…

Maggie: What experiences have made you who you are today?

Brandy: I never felt pretty growing up for a lot of reasons. My childhood was spent being made fun of for either weight, having an underbite, and my last name. Later, having a botched hysterectomy was traumatic because I’m scarred for life. It took time for me to see my unique beauty. Once I started college I saw my true potential in my beauty and my intelligence and I realized I was letting my past dictate my future and that had to stop.  From a highschool dropout to becoming a therapist has helped me truly understand the essence of beauty. We all are beautiful in a meaningful way.

M: That’s such a beautiful story of how you came to understand the essence of beauty. What impacted you the most about beauty from those experiences that you’ve carried with you into adulthood (positive or negative)?

B: Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and we are our own beholders. Life has not been easy and I have never felt photogenic….but I will say acting beautiful and being beautiful are two different things.

M: Based on your personal experience, what words of wisdom would you like to share with others who struggle to see their own beauty?

B: Someone can be considered pretty but not on the inside. Someone who is beautiful on the inside may not feel pretty on the outside…but in reality? THOSE are the most beautiful people. 

When I realized I can only make myself believe in my unique beauty and embrace my unique qualities that truly make us beautiful people, that is when my life really changed.  Beauty is in the eye of the beholder and I was the beholder.  I realized there will always be someone prettier than me.  I realized we all are so unique and beautiful in our own ways and that comparing myself to anyone else was not the way to think.  Our beauty comes from within and exudes out to others. That is what others truly see is the beauty that we see in ourselves.

M: What is your favorite NON physical feature about yourself?

B: My kindness, my joy, and helping others. 

I’m definitely known as Jolly. See, I’m a Lady Jeeper and with Austin Jeep People. I’m known as the Jolly Rancher because I like to be Jolly and my jeep looks like one.

M: What made you want to do this session?  Why are beautiful photos important for you right now?

B: When asked to do the Campaign for Women (You are Beautiful Movement) I immediately looked at my scars and thought again I am not pretty enough… but what does that even mean, honestly?

What I am is a person who helps others in their darkest of times.  I am a woman who has helped herself grow into this blossoming beautiful determined person that I am today. I am proud to be the last living Brandy Junk who embraces her curves, her smile and her scars.  I am most grateful that I help others see their unique meaningful purpose and the beauty that lies within that shines outward for the world to see. So brace yourselves ladies, we are all our own version of beautiful and unique…there is no comparison. 

Brandy Junk is a a Licensed Professional Counselor Intern. She is halfway to full licensure. She has a BS in Psychology and Minor in Forensic Psychology, as well as a MS of Science in Clinical Mental Health.

Her dream is to build a Mental Health Fitness & Spa at the Zen Ranch. She is currently working at Infinite Recovery and loves it. She was a crisis worker for over 9 years and has also worked for two acute inpatient and outpatient hospitals.  Her passion is to help people increase their overall well being. She also helps people overcome one of the biggest epidemics in the world; addiction.

Brandy says, ” In addition, I make the most comfy long lasting, best looking apparel such as leggings and yoga pants. My hobbies are being apart of my community and a member of Austin Jeep People and Lady Jeepers where we are apart of tons of charity work and fun.  Living a meaningful life makes my life beautiful. I hope to inspire others to do the same. ”

Check out her apparel, Guiding Lives Worldwide and learn about her TX Zen Ranch! and

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  2. […] You are Beautiful: Brandy J. | Maggie Messer Boudoir […]

  3. […] You are Beautiful: Brandy J. | Maggie Messer Boudoir […]

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