You are Beautiful: Amber C.

You are Beautiful: Amber C.

True Beauty Comes From Within & Can Last A Lifetime

Life is an adventure, a rollercoaster ride, even an obstacle course. It’s what we do with those challenges that make us incredible, beautiful women. Amber told me a bit about her past traumas and experiences. And yes, at the time, those instances were scary for her. But, she got herself and her children through. Now she’s an amazing Reiki Master and Teacher, working to help others through the healing process in whatever way they need. Amber healed, grew, and realized that she is beautiful. She inspires us all to do the same.

Maggie: Growing up, did you have any influences or role models you could look up to when you were learning about beauty? If so, what did they teach you?

Amber C.: My great grandmother taught me the difference between being attractive and beautiful. She used to say that anyone can make themselves attractive, but that it would fade over time. True beauty comes from within and can last a lifetime.

But, I was conflicted, because my mother’s mantra was to be perfect, skinny, and stoic. People called her Barbie, and I was quite the opposite, short, athletic, and voluptuous.

M: Life takes twists and turns down some winding roads, we can’t ignore that fact. It seems that your great grandmother and mother were pulling you in two different directions when you were learning about beauty, and probably other things. Are there any other life experiences that have shaped you into the woman you are today?

A: My experiences in life, the struggles and traumas, have all led me to a path of healing, restoration, and liberation from all the constraints. My past is what makes me beautiful.

I come from a loving home and caring family, but as we all know, that does not exempt you from the human design of hurt, pain, or trauma.

As a child, I lived with a family that suffered from alcoholism. At age 11, I was raped by one of my brother’s friends. After that, I lived in shame, fear, and agony that later developed into anxiety and self-loathing.

The next year, I came home to find my uncle had attempted suicide. He survived, but the damage to my inner child continued to break. One year later, in 8th grade, a friend of my brother overdosed in my house. I administered CPR, and the guilt that came with not being able to save her was very hindering to my spirit. 

After that, I hid behind overachieving in school. At 16, I graduated early from high school and later married my highschool sweetheart. I had my dream job and was blessed with a baby boy. Four years later, my husband and I separated due to his struggle of substance abuse and adultery. I was pregnant at the time, and the stress of the situation caused me to lose the pregnancy.

At 27, I married an amazing man, and he later contracted the Hantavirus. He survived, but was left with trauma to the brain that caused erratic behavior. I had a 4-month-old baby girl and was pregnant again. At my first checkup for the pregnancy, I was told that my body was not going to be able to carry to term and I had to terminate the pregnancy.

It was then that I decided to go back to school and concentrate on overachieving and overperforming once again.

At 31, I remarried and had my third child. My history with not holding pregnancies very well led me to go for early checkups and ultrasounds. I was then diagnosed with a complete placenta previa, and there was a 30% chance of survival for me and the baby. I was immediately placed on bed rest and at 27 weeks, I hemorrhaged. I hemorrhaged again during delivery.

A few years down the road, my husband was dealing with the effects of deployments, high stress environments, and a total change into fatherhood with stepchildren. He became angry and controlling, and the children and I left.

My oldest son became completely paranoid and turned to drugs. My daughter had so much anxiety that she was biting her nails to the point of bleeding and tearing off her skin. My youngest was non-communicative and barely verbal.

During this time, I found and turned to God, jumped into faith, and found holistic practices that changed our lives. We all started healing together.

I finally let go of my past, let go of trauma, and released the negativity that was stifling my self-worth. I forgave those who hurt me and forgave myself for being hurt.

I was given my journey so I could stand strong in times of adversity and help others do the same. I know that my ability to find myself, my spirituality, and be vulnerable will help and inspire others to do the same.

M: Wow. You have an incredible story to tell. It seems like you went through the ringer and came out a stronger person, which ultimately makes you even more beautiful. Let’s step away from beauty questions for a minute – If you don’t mind me asking, what is your favorite non-physical feature about yourself?

A: I [think] I have a huge heart. And I know through love, light, and the universal energy around us, healing is possible. We can find harmony within our mind, body, and spirit. I hope that my story will lead you to love, compassion, and understanding, [as it led me. That’s my favorite non-physical feature about myself].

M: If you could share some words of wisdom to some of the women of the world today, based on your experiences, what would you share? How would you encourage others to see their own beauty?

A: [I think I would say] it just takes one positive thought to change the world. Just pick one thing you love about yourself and remind yourself every morning and night how beautiful that thing about you is. Soon, you’ll start to see other beautiful features and traits that you hold, too.

M: I’d say that you’ve become a pretty influential and strong woman today. How does being who you are make you unique and powerful?

A: I feel that women as a whole are powerful and unique. Specifically for myself, I feel that my “superwoman” power comes from my compassion, empathy, and forgiveness.

Amber C. has an incredible personality and she is quite literally beautiful inside and out. When asked what her definition of beauty is, Amber effortlessly proclaimed, “The inner light that shines through the eyes, is heard in a laugh, and is felt through the heart.” True beauty is in the person that you are and show yourself to be. Every single one of us is beautiful in our own spectacular way.

To learn how Amber can help you achieve balance through healing, visit her at

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