You are Beautiful: Tiffany S.
You are Beautiful

You are Beautiful: Tiffany S.

You Don’t Have to Be Thin to Be Beautiful 

Growing up, Tiffany thought being thin was the only way to achieve true beauty. Most women believe the exact same thing.  

But, beauty isn’t about the meat that you have on your bones. It’s not about the qualities you possess that give others great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, or think about, like some dictionaries may claim. 

Beauty is about what makes YOU feel good, as Tiffany told me, and I completely agree with her perspective. Learn a little bit more about what Tiffany thinks below. 

Maggie: Recently, I found a definition of beauty online that states being beautiful is to, “be possessing qualities that give great pleasure or satisfaction to see, hear, think about,” and so on and so forth. Growing up, I believed that definition. But now, my definition does not line up with that. What about you? What did you believe growing up about beauty, and do you still believe that? 

Tiffany: Growing up, women and girls around me were constantly talking negative about the bodies that they were given. The strong, healthy, different, and beautiful bodies that they were given. [Only thin was beautiful and if their bodies weren’t thin, they would tear them down to be “perfect.”] 

I still carry this insane and contorted image with me.  

M: Tiffany, can you tell me a bit about yourself? A little bit of your back story? 

T: I’m a small town girl with a lot of open minded concepts. I love tattoos and piercings, and I love Jesus!  

I’m a wife to such an amazing man and a mom to two beautiful children, Vala and Cain. 

I’ve spent my entire life in Central Texas, embracing a small town living. I’ve developed and am continuing to develop my own style and identity.  

M: Earlier, you told me that you still carry that insane and contorted image of beauty from a young age, where only thin is beautiful and many women tear themselves down to be “perfect.” Do you think that you’re beautiful? Do you have a different definition of beauty other than “only thin is beautiful?” 

T: Sometimes I think I’m beautiful, but mostly, I don’t  

My other definition of beauty would be anything that makes YOU feel good! 

M: What makes YOU feel good? Are there some non physical features about yourself that you love? 

T: [I believe] I radiate positivity to everyone and I encourage them to do their own thing. Honestly, I rarely take my own advice, though. 

M: Can you ponder up some words of wisdom for other women in the world, looking for a better sense or definition of the word beauty? 

T: [I think to be beautiful,] you have to find your inner strength and happiness. Ignore the haters and just take your time [in life]. 

[I like to think that] I’m a positive beacon for others and I’m the biggest cheerleader for my husband and kids. I strive to make others feel loved and accepted. 

Tiffany is a positive role model for everyone around her. She genuinely enjoys making the people around her feel beautiful, and she’s able to do that because she, too, feels beautiful. 

What’s her secret? She does what makes her feel good. She encourages everyone else to do what makes them feel good.  

Once you gain that confidence, once you accept yourself as a beautiful woman, you can do exactly what she does. You can be a positive beacon. The sky’s the limit. 

So, I now ask you: What makes YOU feel good? 

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