You are Beautiful: Mary Ann H.

You are Beautiful: Mary Ann H.

Mary Ann interview: What do you think about yourself? Do you care more about what other people say versus what you believe? Do you feel beautiful? Do you feel unique? Do you feel powerful? 

Mary Ann struggled for most of her life, to answer questions like the ones you just read.  

When she was young, she truly believed that what she thought about herself was more important than what others thought of her. But life knows just how to twist and turn to dwindle a woman’s belief system. 

Even still, after all the trials and tribulations that Mary Ann had to go through, she came out on top. She found herself. She will not change for anyone.  

Keep reading to find out more about Mary Ann’s journey.  

Maggie: Every person has their personal definition of beauty – and every personal definition of beauty originates from somewhere. Do you remember learning about beauty as a young child, or at a similar age? If so, what did you learn? 

Mary Ann: [I learned that] what you think about yourself is more important than what others think. A smile and kindness are some of the best things that make you beautiful.  

M: As you grew up, did you continue to believe that what you thought about yourself was more important than what others thought about you? Or did your definition change? 

Mary Ann Speaks on Her Losses

MA: I became a mom and a wife in my twenties, and that’s where I felt that I lost who I was. I lost who everyone else wanted me and needed me to be. 

When I was 29, I went through a divorce. That was my time to find who I needed to be. So, I started from scratch; I looked into the core of who I was. I wanted to show my daughters that they needed to be who they are and not allow others to change that. I had to go through many trials and I had to experience many failures to find the woman I am today. 

After I went through the trials and failures, I met my now-husband. He loves me for who I am and has helped me be the best version of myself. He is my biggest supporter and cheerleader. That’s the reason I decided to surprise him with this because he’s pushed me to follow my dreams and finish whatever I start. 

This is one opportunity I could not pass up. 

M: I’m very grateful that you feel so strongly about this opportunity; it will be a great surprise for your husband. May I ask, why are beautiful pictures important for you right now? Besides putting a smile on your husband’s face, what else will these photos help you accomplish? 

MA: My ‘why’ is my girls. I want to show my daughters that they should go after what they want in life. As a woman and a mom, I want to show my girls to empower themselves in their passions. 

M: Your definition of beauty has always been strong, and it only became stronger as you went through life’s trials and tribulations. If you could share some words of wisdom, based on your own personal experience, what would you share with the women of the world today? 

MA: I would say that what is on the inside outlasts the outer beauty that we all have. 

M: You are unique. You are powerful. I can see that in the way that you carry yourself and in the way that you answer these questions. Can you tell us how your experiences in life made you a totally unique and powerful woman? 

MA: I struggled and fought so hard to find the real me. I love who I am and without that fight, I wouldn’t have been able to find myself. I will not allow myself to change for others.  

Mary Ann`s Divorce

Mary Ann pushed through and fought for herself. She was determined to find the woman she wanted to be after her divorce. That’s exactly what we should do every day of our lives. 

If you haven’t found yourself yet, don’t worry. Fight for you. Don’t rest until you’ve become the woman that you genuinely want to be. Because if you read this entire interview, you’d see that Mary Ann has prospered because of her life experiences. She has become better. She’s now a role model to her children and an inspiration to her husband.  

We, too, can be a role model for the people in our lives, and an inspiration.  

Once you’ve found the real you, or if you’ve found the real you already, remember Mary Ann’s words: “I will not allow myself to change for others.” 

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