You are Beautiful: Crystal B's Story

You are Beautiful: Crystal B’s Story

I enjoy learning about other women and how they see and define the term beauty. Every definition is unique in its own way, and I think it’s beneficial for all of us to learn what others think about beauty. 

I can see many women feeling a bit of intimidation from Crystal and her beautiful physique. But the moment you start talking to Crystal, that all melts away. Her eyes are warm and caring and you truly see a woman that is compassionate, understanding and doesn’t judge a book by its cover. 

When I interviewed Crystal, I found that her definition was very pure – it focused on what’s on the inside. It focused on how we treat others and how we help others become the best version of themselves. 

Keep on reading to see what else Crystal had to say when we spent the day together. 

Maggie: We are born with blank minds. The things that we see and the things that we learn are what shape our perspectives, our thoughts, and our opinions.  

Do you remember learning anything specific when you were younger about beauty? If you do remember, can you say what your current perspective, thoughts, and opinions are on beauty?  

Crystal: From a young age, I learned that beauty is not just about the outward appearance, but more so what is on the inside that matters the most. I see beauty as how we treat people, how we lift them up and help them to be the best version of themselves. That’s what makes a person truly beautiful.  

M: That’s awesome. In my opinion, beauty is absolutely more than an outward appearance. I like that you brought that up. Are there any life experiences that made you see and think that way that you’d like to talk about? 

C: Well, I’ve been through many different physical stages in my life, [and I think that’s part of the reason why I admire inner beauty]. I’ve been torn down in relationships, and I’ve had to rebuild and truly find myself again. Each time I have come back stronger than ever. I know my self-worth and I do think I’m beautiful in every aspect, as God made me. 

M: Those physical stages in your life must have helped you grow tremendously. A lot of women need help with that type of growth; are there any words of wisdom, based on your experiences, that you can share with others? 

C: I’d say that you have to speak words of affirmation to yourself; don’t change yourself to please others. Love the body you have and just take care of it. 

M: You’re a very empowering woman, Crystal. I know that you said you’ve really had the time to rebuild yourself and find yourself again. Can you say what it is that makes you feel uniquely powerful as this new, strong woman? 

C: I am a wife and a mother of five wonderful children. I work full-time and have the full support of my family to always work on being the best version of myself. In turn, this makes me a better wife and mom, and I’m truly thankful for the wonderful family that I have. 

M: It’s almost time to take beautiful photos! But, before we close, I’d like to know what your why is? Why are these photos so important to you right now? 

C: My children are definitely my why; I want them to be confident in themselves and in their own bodies. I want them to take care of the bodies they were given.  

I would also love nothing more than to have photos to look back on one day, many years from now. 

Crystal has a great head on her shoulders – she knows her self-worth and admires her inner beauty. Some physical stages in her life may have been hard to overcome, but she got through and became stronger because of it.  

I think that each of us should try our very best to push through the hard trials and tribulations of life, just like Crystal did, to become the best versions of ourselves. If we can do that, I know that we’ll be an inspiration for the rest of the world to see. 

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  1. […] You are Beautiful: Crystal B’s Story […]

  2. […] You are Beautiful: Crystal B’s Story […]

  3. […] You are Beautiful: Crystal B’s Story […]

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