You are Beautiful: Lauren C.

You are Beautiful: Lauren C’s Story

Lauren is a beautiful woman. She knows exactly how the world views beauty and she doesn’t want to fall into its trap. Society showcases beauty with many edits to movies and photographs, and it’s just not realistic.

Keep reading to see Lauren’s take on society and beauty. We also talk about gaining confidence and putting aside what other people think in the interview. Listening to her advice may help the way YOU see beauty, in a positive way. 

Maggie: Moms, grandmoms, and older sisters often shape our worldly view and definition of beauty. We sort of get the gist of what being beautiful is at a young age through those role models. Do you remember learning about beauty at a young age? If so, what do you remember? 

Lauren: I remember learning that everyone is beautiful in their own way. 

M: That is very, very true. Can I ask, do you think you’re beautiful?

L: Some days, yes, I do. But I struggle with what society views as beautiful. I work harder at making my personality and heart beautiful often.

M: I’m glad that you mentioned that. Personality and heart are, without a doubt, two very important aspects of a beautiful woman. I think that a lot of non-physical features make us beautiful – and that kind of beauty can last a lifetime. What is your favorite non-physical feature about yourself? 

L: I’d have to say my favorite non-physical feature is my adventurous spirit. I also want to help and take care of others. 

M: An adventurous spirit is always good to have! Wanting to help people is very selfless and admirable. Can you help some of the ladies out there in the world today? Maybe by sharing some words of wisdom? 

L: If I could share some words of wisdom, I’d probably say not to listen to those that put you down. They’re simply projecting their insecurities onto you.

I think that if you FEEL beautiful than you ARE. Always remember that movies and photographs are altered. 

M: Awesome, very inspiring. One last thing before you go; it seems as though society can sometimes have a hold on how you see beauty. But, you’re confident in helping other women see their beauty. That’s uniquely powerful in itself. Can you tell me how it is, being the woman you are today? How does it feel to be uniquely powerful? 

L: I do think I’m strong and independent.

I have learned to stand up for myself and work hard. I find strength in myself to try new things, so when the day comes where I leave this plane, I can genuinely feel like I had a life that was amazing and full of experiences.

I had a lot of fun interviewing Lauren. It felt like I was having a regular conversation with a gal pal! 

Lauren tries every day to love herself, love her beauty, and dismiss the negative thoughts of others. She has the right state of mind. We should learn from her example and try our best each and every day to build our confidence and see our own beauty!

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  1. […] You are Beautiful: Lauren C’s Story […]

  2. […] You are Beautiful: Lauren C’s Story […]

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