You are Beautiful: Misty M's Story

You are Beautiful: Misty M’s Story

Every woman that I’ve interviewed thus far has broadened my horizons on what the term beauty means, and Misty is no different. She really taught me a thing or two, and I bet she can teach a thing or two to the rest of the women of the world. 

Keep on reading to see how she used to view beauty, how she currently views beauty, and how she wants to inspire others to view beauty below.  

Maggie: I like to open a lot of my interviews by asking you to tell me about your past or a little life story about yourself. Can you share some of the life experiences you’ve gone through that have made you the person you are today?  

Misty: Oh, this is a long story.  

I’d like to start by saying I’m thankful for all of my blessings. I choose to give back as a result of that.  

[As for my story, here it goes.] I was raised in a broken home where I never knew what having parents who loved one another looked like.  

I grew up with four siblings and was raised by a single mother. She had gone through many life struggles, which ultimately led me to care for my younger siblings while my mother figured herself out. I was the oldest child. Through that, my grandparents were my best role models.  

I have one beautiful son who is the light of my life. I’ve been married before, but unfortunately, the marriage did not work out. 

I survived domestic abuse and chose to get away from that situation. It was a very scary time and I was only a young woman in her early 20’s. 

I worked for everything I have. I’ve established my career and I’m very proud of who I’ve become. 

I always strive to be my best self. To be humble. To seek knowledge.  

MA: As a confident, beautiful woman, I’m sure you see all the positives and blessings through those experiences. Becoming a young role model led you to raise a wonderful son. Getting away from a domestic abuse case made you much stronger than you ever were before. 

All of this makes you a unique, beautiful person. I know what my definition of beauty is, what is yours? Did you have a different definition of beauty when you were younger? Tell me about both. 

MI: When I was younger, I was inspired by Sports Illustrated Swimsuit models. When I was 14 years old, I didn’t know I was pretty enough to even be selected as a “look of the year girl” out of all the people in my home state. Getting a modeling contract gave me the confidence I needed to be proud of being 5’10” when I thought I was too tall. 

[Now, I’ve used that confidence to embrace my beauty. I believe that] a person who is confident but gracious is beautiful.  

MA: It seems to me that you know just how to embrace your non-physical features that jump out to others as beautiful. For instance, confidence and graciousness are both non-physical, internal features that make you beautiful. Can you name another non-physical feature about yourself that you truly love? 

MI: ]I’d have to say] my generosity [is another non-physical feature about myself that I truly love]. 

MA: Not many women view themselves the way that you view yourself. In fact, a lot of women are very hard on themselves. Are there any words of wisdom, based on your own personal experience, that you’d like to share with others to help them see their beauty? 

MI: I’d definitely say to ask someone you love to tell you what they like about you. 

MA: I love that. I wonder what people would come up with! What a great way to learn something new about ourselves too.

Before we go into the studio, tell me how being the woman you are today makes you feel uniquely powerful. Your confidence, graciousness, and generosity are so visible to the women of the world. What else do you think is, or can be visible to the women of the world? 

MI: I use who I am today to empower other women and help them feel better about themselves; that’s how I’m uniquely powerful in this world.  

One thing Misty showed me in her interview was that non-physical features are such important contributing factors to a woman’s overall beauty. We oftentimes don’t see that. We can’t comprehend how our internal beauty can be spectacular. We don’t see that it transcends everything we’ve ever known about beauty.  

That’s what we, as women, should start doing. Look at our confidence, look at our graciousness, and look at our generosity.  

All of what’s inside us is absolutely beautiful. Stunningly breathtaking. Which ultimately only enhance our outer beauty. 

If we can learn to think like Misty, we’ll be unstoppably, radiantly beautiful. Doesn’t that sound amazing?

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