You are Beautiful: Tonya B.

You are Beautiful: Tonya B.

Beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones.

Tonya thinks it’s hard to believe that you are inherently beautiful when you’re a young child. All you see are models, Barbie dolls, Hollywood stars, and perfect women left and right. They’re inescapable.

Good thing you can grow out of that mindset and reform it.

That’s exactly what Tonya did. When she was a little girl, Tonya thought that to be beautiful, you had to be a super skinny, super tall supermodel. As she aged into a young adult, her views started to change. Eventually, Tonya began to believe that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and skin colors. And if you keep reading, you’ll see what other mindsets she reformed throughout her life regarding beauty.

Maggie: Models are beautiful. Barbie dolls are beautiful. Hollywood stars are beautiful. Women with makeup are beautiful. Or so that’s what most of us think at a young age.

Can you tell me what you thought about beauty when you were young? Did those views change as you grew into an adult?

Tonya: Beauty to me at a young age was your typical supermodel, skinny and white, or a dark-skinned complexion, and super tall.

It wasn’t until I became a young adult that I knew how far from the truth that definition of beauty was. Now, I see that beauty comes in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones.

M: Beauty does come in all shapes, sizes, and skin tones; I absolutely agree. Can you expand on your definition of beauty? What else do you think being beautiful means?

T: I think beauty is in a person’s character – how a person portrays themselves.

Appearance is great, but it isn’t everything. You can have someone that is less fortunate and less physically attractive, and they’ll give their shirt off their back to help the next person. Their selfless ways make them beautiful.

M: Oftentimes, people associate the word beauty with outer appearances – whether a woman is physically attractive or not. Does she have shiny, thick hair? Does she have bright, big eyes? Does she have a smooth skin texture? Does she have a near-perfect body? All questions that would add to a woman’s beauty in the general public’s eyes.

But, it seems that you view beauty through character, personality, and the mind.

Can you give us some words of wisdom on how we should view beauty? So many women out there are very negative and hard on themselves, but every single one of us is beautiful in our own way. How do we show them they’re beautiful?

T: I think God made you and me perfect in the image that you and I are. Therefore, if you are a perfect image to God, then you are a perfect image to the world, no matter what.

M: I’m glad that you brought that point up – do you have strong faith that led you to believe that everyone is created in their own perfect image? Can you tell me some of the stories that may have led you to believe that?

T: Growing up, I was a teen model in my city, and although I modeled, I still had a lot of insecurities. I didn’t think I was beautiful grow up because I had a big nose and I was very skinny. I was talked about a lot. My friends never knew this because I used to keep it all bottled up.

I had a very rough childhood that led to a lot of careless mistakes growing up. It actually played into my self-esteem.

Once I left home at the age of 17, I began to find myself and brand my own identity. I began to build my own relationship with Christ, and that’s when I knew I was beautiful no matter what.

I took all of those experiences and failures and decided enough was enough. From that, I grew into the beautiful, successful woman I am today.

M: You are very firm in your belief and value system, and that’s absolutely motivating to hear. I hope all the women reading this will start to see their own inherent beauty. Is there anything you’d like to add for the women of the world to read before we get started photographing?

T: I’d like to say that beauty is what you make it.

If you are in a room with one other person, and you are a physically beautiful person with an ugly heart, but the other person is less physically attractive with a heart of gold, who do you think would stand out as the most beautiful person in the room? I just wanted to give everyone some food for thought before we closed.

That’s a valid point. Who do you think would stand out as the most beautiful person in the room? The woman that’s physically attractive with an ugly heart, or the woman that’s less physically attractive with a heart of gold? I think we all know the answer to that one.

Which leads me to say that we, as women, really need to start understanding our worth if we haven’t already. We have a lot to offer. We have hearts of gold, we have great personality traits, we have selfless tendencies. We are beautiful in whatever shape, size, and skin color we are, and Tonya helped us narrow in on that.

So, let’s show her and the rest of the world how beautiful we really are!

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