You are Beautiful: Emma T's Story
You are Beautiful: Emma T.

You are Beautiful: Emma T’s Story

A Beautiful Example of Love, Compassion, Strength, and Acceptance

Emma’s personality radiated the air even before I started to sit down and talk to her. Her friendliness and incredible mind just made it all that much easier.

I have to say, the second Emma’s interview was complete, all I wanted to do was run out of my studio and tell all the beautiful women in my life all about her and the way she defines beauty! So, I grabbed a bottle of wine and had a girl’s night with some of my favorite ladies, and I did just that; I told them all about my day’s work with Emma.

Keep reading to see why I was so eager to let the world know Emma; I hope by the end, you’re eager to start thinking as positively as this brilliant woman.

Maggie: As a photographer, I do everything in my power to help the females I work with feel beautiful inside and out. In order to successfully do my job, I sit down with and interview lovely ladies like you before getting started on beauty and boudoir photo sessions. I find that going through the process that way truly makes women feel relaxed and more beautiful.

What about you? What makes you see yourself as beautiful? What’s your definition of beauty?

Emma: I think beauty is being the best person you can be, teaching love, compassion, strength, and acceptance. Beauty is love.

Beauty is also supporting those who need support and loving those who need love. Beauty is standing beside those who need help and taking that step forward while encouraging others to be the best version of themselves that they can be.

M: You have such vivid definitions of beauty; they’re detailed and very helpful.

From your definitions of beauty, do you think that you are a beautiful woman?

E: I think being beautiful is always a work in progress.

I think others would describe me as beautiful, and I believe that I work on being beautiful every day.

I think outer beauty is in the eye of the beholder and inner beauty is earned by those around you.

M: Do you personally think you’ve earned your inner beauty by those around you? Life experiences often tie into this question, so can you tell me about some of your life experiences and how they got you to this point in your life? What made you view beauty in this light?

E: Well, I married young and settled down. I volunteered regularly until it became my full-time job. A little while down the road, my marriage failed and I became over exhausted from working and volunteering so much. That’s when I decided to turn my life around, in my mid 20’s, and find an appropriate balance, much-needed respect, and pure happiness.

Today, I’m the mother of two teenage girls and a wife of almost 20 years to my supportive best friend. I volunteer for CASA Central Texas and I have two executive jobs. I’m currently living my life and finally understanding that beauty truly does come from within.

When I was younger, I had one miscarriage. I had gone through many layoffs as a young woman. I raised two daughters in an uncertain world.

More recently, I had six surgeries through the years 2018 and 2019. I have several abdominal scars from those surgeries. I’m not perfect, my body shape and weight are not perfect, but I am me. I am embracing all that there is of me because I’m alive, I’m healed, and I’m a strong example for my daughters.

M: What an amazing turn of events; one day you were living one life and the next day you decided to turn everything around for the better. And look at where you are now! You’re a wife and a mother to two beautiful girls, with a successful career and outstanding volunteer record.

Not many people get to experience so much in such a short period of time. Can you share some words of wisdom with other women based on your personal experiences? Can you help some of them feel more beautiful and powerful?

Emma: Some words of wisdom I’d like to share would be not to let any man or individual define who you are. Try to surround yourself with people that provide strength and encouragement. Find what makes you happy and don’t apologize for who you are.

Everyone is a work in progress and only you can make the choices that are best for you. Have dreams and follow them, and never give up on yourself.

We all possess the strength to be happy. When you’re happy, your beauty will shine through.

Sometimes a simple change of appearance can help you feel more beautiful. Spend a little money on yourself, get a good hair cut and color, get your nails done, splurge on a massage, find a quiet park and read a book. Do things that make you feel good. Always make time for yourself!

M: Brave and strong words like that can really be beneficial to women around the world. Thank you for sharing such great, wise words. I believe that words like that have the ability to make you feel uniquely powerful.

Can you tell me how the woman you are today makes you personally feel uniquely powerful?

Emma: I’d say that I’ve been able to set an example of what a strong and independent woman can be. I’ve also shown how important it is to be a supportive and loving wife. Together, my husband and I have set an example of respect, love, and encouragement for our daughter’s and others to see.

I genuinely love showing my daughter’s that it’s important to work hard and earn the things they want. I show that through my amazing power and abilities to be great in business, life, voice, and example. 

The positive vibes were literally springing off the walls after my little chat with Emma – she really did make our environment such a happy place and our discussion such an enjoyable one.

How did you feel after reading Emma’s interview? Wasn’t she a lighthearted, down-to-Earth gal that was just looking out for all of us? She wants us to feel beautiful inside and out, and she practically told us how to do that. I say, let’s show her we can do that!

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