You are Beautiful: Kara T.

You are Beautiful: Kara T.

Imperfections and All, This Lovely Lady Learned Exactly How to Love Herself 

Growing up, Kara didn’t get a lot of compliments from the surrounding women in her family. Her mother and sister were always cracking down on her, hounding her about her weight, even though Kara wasn’t overweight. Kara thinks they had a problem with her thighs, and that may have very well been the case. But there’s no reason a child shouldn’t feel beautiful. 

Fortunately, Kara grew up, stood up to her mother and sister, and started to genuinely love herself. Today, she’s working on building that confidence and showing off her beauty, with all of her imperfections.

Keep reading to take a look at just what else Kara had to say in our one-on-one discussion before the photoshoot.

Maggie interviews Kara

Maggie: Every woman has a memory of feeling beautiful or not feeling beautiful when they’re younger. Moms are usually the ones that take care of our attire, our hair, and everything else that beautifies us. What do you specifically remember about beauty from a young age? For instance, did your mom ever get you dressed up with pretty hair for picture days or important holidays and tell you that you were beautiful?

Kara: From a young age, I learned that tomboys were not as beautiful or girlie enough as the other girls my age, and I was a tomboy. 

My mother and older sister always hounded me to lose weight and never made me feel pretty enough. They always made comments about what I was eating at the time.

Growing up, I was an athlete, and I was never overweight. Still, they hounded me.

Back in the day, I had, and still have muscular thighs. I guess those thighs were never small enough for my mother and sister.

In fact, when I was pregnant with my first child, my mom even said to me, “Too bad you couldn’t lose your thighs before you got pregnant.” I answered her back with, “I was born with these thighs. They will always be a part of me, so get used to it.” 

It honestly took me standing up to her and my sister to love all of myself the way that I am. That experience helped me start to love myself.

M: It sounds to me like you weren’t too confident in yourself as a young tomboy because of the way the world saw tomboys. But then, you discovered your beauty and started to love yourself. Would you say that your definition of the term is different today, for the better, than it was back then? 

Kara Speaks on Beauty

K: Absolutely. I think my definition of beauty changed a lot when I started to love myself. Now, I think beauty means being comfortable in my own skin. Even with imperfections, I am still beautiful and you are still beautiful, all in distinct ways. Being able to feel good about myself and truly loving everything about myself makes me see my real beauty. 

M: So, your definition of beauty has changed, you’re comfortable in your own skin, even with your imperfections, and you feel good about where you are and how you see your beauty. When did this realization come into your life? 

K: I didn’t start to think I was beautiful until I turned 50, to be honest. That’s when I started to think and really believe I had beauty.

M: That must make you pretty excited to have these beautiful pictures taken of you! 

K: Yes, I’m welcoming this experience and looking forward to having fun with it. I’m finally ready to see myself in this kind of light! I think it’s going to be a great way to capture my year of finally seeing my beautiful self. 

M: Sounds perfect for me. Before we get started, are there any words of wisdom you’d like to share with the women of the world to help them see that they are truly beautiful, too? Some of us out there are struggling, and I think you could have a great, positive impact on all of them. 

Kara strongly recommends believing in yourself

K: Thank you. I would say not to wait until you are 50 years old to see your beauty, to start loving yourself, and to appreciate everything about yourself. Do it sooner.

If you can, start working on believing in yourself, building your confidence, and loving yourself at an earlier age. 

After sitting down with Kara, I realized that we, as women, should constantly be doing three things: Working on believing in ourselves, building our confidence, and loving ourselves.

Do we do that enough, though? Or, do we get down on ourselves? Do we think less of ourselves? Do we not love ourselves enough? Do we allow what others think of us to mess with our mindsets? Do we start to believe them over ourselves? 

Those are the questions to ask. And, if we’re not doing everything in our power to dismiss all of those negative thoughts, we need to start now. 

Kara didn’t think she was beautiful growing up. One day, that all changed. Today’s the day that it should change for us, too, if it hasn’t already. What do you say, ladies?

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  1. Anita says:

    LOOOOOOVE EVERYTHING ABOUT THIS! Thank you Maggie and Kellie for giving Kara such an empowering experience and allowing her to see even more of her beautiful and phenomenal self! ❤?

  2. Mary says:

    Kara you are absolutely stunning in these photos!

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