You are Beautiful: Kendra M. She made the decision to turn her life around

You are Beautiful: Kendra M.

Kendra was going through some rough times at one point in her life, but she decided to do something about that. She made the decision to turn her life around and be better. She made some plans and some goals and strived to reach them.  We celebrated her journey with Magazine Style Glamour Portraits.

Now, she’s a mother of three beautiful children and she owns her own company! A positive outlook and a dedicated mind can get us far in life. 

Let’s take a look at what else Kendra had to share with me in her interview below. 

Let`s get to know Kendra!

Maggie: Every definition of beauty is unique in itself; every definition of beauty manifests in a woman’s mind. One definition can differ from the next, depending on a woman’s life experiences.  

What is your definition of beauty? 

Kendra: I think beauty is within the eye of the beholder. Everyone is beautiful. 

M: When you were a young child, you might have viewed beauty differently. Can you tell us what you remember, from when you were younger? What was your definition back then? 

Kendra Speaks on Beauty!

K: I don’t remember learning too much about beauty other than to keep my face clean. 

I had really bad acne as a teenager. I went to several dermatologists, and they really didn’t recommend anything for me. So, I just started to wash my face more and drink more water. 

M: From then to now, you must have gone through several life experiences. After all, everyone has their own story. 

Can you tell me a bit about your story and where you stand today? 

K: Today, I am a single mom of three. It’s not easy, but I do it every day with love and joy in my heart. My children are the best part of me.  

I strive to be great in everything that I do.  

I’ve been through some difficult times in my life. Those times took me to some dark places, One day, I had enough and decided to make a change. 

Kendra`s Success`s

So, I went on a weight loss journey; that gave me confidence again. It felt good to be back to a normal place.  

I started working on my dream, which was to own my own company, and now I do! I have a mobile phlebotomy business called KM Mobile Phlebotomy, LLC. My company has phlebotomists that will come to you to draw your blood at home, work, or school. All we need is the lab order to be emailed to us for use and we’ll call the patient to schedule a day and time.  

I’ve wanted to do this for years, and now I finally am. I’m thankful for the experiences I’ve gone through because I came out so much better! 

M: That’s so great! From what I’m hearing, you saw yourself going down the wrong path and you decided to make a change for your life. You started to think with positivity, you started your weight loss journey, and you started a lifelong dream of yours – owning a business!  

That’s motivating for me, and I’m sure for many women out there in the world. You can also motivate the women out there in the world with your words of wisdom – would you mind sharing a couple of words of wisdom for us to hear to make us feel more beautiful? 

K: I’d like to say that you are beautiful no matter what. God made you the way that he wanted to make you and that means you are perfection. 

M: You have quite a list of accomplishments, Kendra. Your words of wisdom are absolutely beautiful. You have a great personality. Can you tell us one more thing? How does being the woman you are today, the woman you’ve grown to be, make you feel uniquely powerful? 

Kendra speaks on being courageous!

K: I think the person I am today makes me feel uniquely powerful because I have been through so many things in this life. Yet, I continue to rise above them, no matter what, and no matter how hard things get. That makes me very unique because no matter what, I keep moving forward when most people probably wouldn’t.  

Kendra finds the necessary courage she needs to push through life’s obstacles every day. Nothing holds her back from accomplishing her dreams. She aspires to always be the best version of herself for the world to see. 

That’s something all of us women should try to do – be the best version of ourselves for the world to see. Note what Kendra did, and let’s try our best today, tomorrow, and the next day! 

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