You are Beautiful: Becca S. Helping build up other women

You are Beautiful: Becca S.

Becca Tells her Story

Becca grew up thinking she was not beautiful. Everyone around here referred to Becca as the baby of the family – but they referred to her sister as the beautiful one. That took a hard pull at Becca’s heartstrings, and she couldn’t let it go for quite some time.

Thankfully, as she grew older and wiser, Becca realized that she did have beauty, inside and outside. She also wanted to show other women that they had beauty. So, she began building confidence in others, raising others up, and treating others the way she wanted to be treated.

Keep reading and taking a look at Becca’s journey with the word beauty and just how she handled building hers, and others’ confidence.

Maggie: Everyone grows up with a different perception of the word beautiful. Some of us ladies think and know we are uniquely beautiful, and some of us ladies struggle to see the beauty within.

How about you, Becca? What was your perception of the word beautiful growing up? 

Becca Speaks on Growing up

Becca: I’m the youngest child of six in my family, with only one other sister. The two of us are nine years apart and our brothers are of mixed ages.

When I was growing up, my sister and I were always introduced separately to friends and family members. My sister was referred to as the pretty daughter, while I was simply introduced as the baby of the family. Descriptive words like pretty and beautiful were never used when I met someone for the first time. That hurt me for years. 

M: I’m sure that experience molded you as a woman. In my experience, many women that were raised just the way you were always developed their own rendition of what beauty meant to them. I’d like to know if you followed the same path; do you now have your own definition of beauty that you live by? 

Becca Speaks on Beauty

B: I think that’s a good way to put it. My definition of beauty changed throughout the years as I grew confident.  

I believe that confidence inspires beauty and makes you feel beautiful. In my case, I had to learn how to grow confident and grow into my beauty. I saw becoming a beautiful woman as a process, but I’m grateful I was able to get myself through that process. 

I hope everyone has the opportunity to experience and to grow into their own beauty.  

M: It’s definitely important to feel confident. Confidence does inspire beauty, after all. 

But I do believe that other features can make us gals feel confident in ourselves. For instance, non-physical features and personality traits; can you name something about yourself that possibly helped you become a more confident woman? 

B: I’d say it’s my passion. My passion is to lift up others around me. I never allow my friends to speak ill or bad about themselves. I always say, “Watch it, girl! You’re talking about my friend and that negativity is NOT allowed.” 

M: I can picture it now, you yelling, “Watch it, girl!” Good for you; your friends and loved ones must absolutely adore that quality in you. I’m sure many of the readers that take a look at your interview will adore that quality, too. 

Is there anything else specific you’d like to share with the readers? Any wisdom, based on your own personal experiences, that you’d like to share? Maybe inspire confidence in them as well? 

Becca Inspires Confidence

B: If I had one thing to say to them, it would be to speak to yourself just as you would speak to others. Always lift them up and lift yourself up while you’re at it. 

We all need to be lifted up from time to time. The kind words and thoughts that you share with others help a lot more than you’ll ever realize. 

M: Spectacular. Raising other women up does build confidence and it makes them feel good in the process. While we’re on the confidence topic, and before we head in for your photoshoot, is there anything else you’d like to share? Perhaps a little insight on how you’ve become this uniquely powerful woman? 

B: I think I’m just genuine and I stand by that. I’ve made it to an age where I’ve decided that my own self-care can and will empower other women. Because if they see me taking care of me and lifting other women up, they’ll want to do the same and spread positivity throughout the world. 

Isn’t that what we all want deep down? To spread positivity throughout the world? 

Becca didn’t get there overnight. She started at a low point, not understanding that she was a beautiful little girl, and then a beautiful young lady, and then a beautiful woman. She had to work to get her definition of the term beauty. She had to push through and build that confidence. 

If she can do it, so can you! Keep spreading that positivity and keep lifting others up, just the way you’d like to be lifted up.  

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