You are Beautiful: Brandy D.

You are Beautiful: Brandy D.

Women Are Helping Women Find Their Own Beauty 

As usual, I’m pretty excited to get started with my next interview with Brandy.  

Sitting down and getting to know Brandy was great. I’ll admit, I didn’t expect her interview to focus on other, incredible women, but I’m so glad it did.  

She showed me that she’s not the only light in her life. That’s right! She has a bunch of beautiful women with amazing personalities surrounding her and helping her get where she needs to go. She called them her tribe, I absolutely love that! Check out more of our little chat below. 

Maggie: Some of the ladies I’ve had the pleasure of speaking to throughout this You Are Beautiful campaign have brought up some good points about their childhood. A percentage of the women remember vividly what beauty meant to them as a young girl, others remember learning certain ways to look at beauty from family members, and still others had minimal memories of the general concept. What about you? What do you remember learning about beauty from a young age? 

Brandy: I don’t really remember learning about beauty when I was younger. Honestly, all I knew was you were considered pretty or you weren’t, according to what others said about you.  

People used to call me bucktoothed and ugly when I was growing up. I remember that and it was very hurtful.  

M: I believe no kid should ever have to go through bullying like that. I’m so sorry you had to experience such awful comments from your peers.  

Outside of those experiences growing up, can you tell me about any other experiences that stand out to you today? A little bit about your life? 

B: Well, I transitioned out of the military back in 2011. Back then, I was going through depression and emotional eating periods, and I was so broken.  

But then I had the opportunity to cross paths with some amazing women that changed my life. Some were in my life before and through the military and some I met once I came back home.  

The women I’m speaking of became so near and dear to my heart, and affirmed me daily that I am BEAUTIFUL, and that I had a lot to offer this world.  

I’ve realized now, after all of that, that there is something so special about having a good tribe of people surrounding you. They love me and they saturated me with the tools I needed and still need to get through life.  

Now, I’m a business owner. I’ve co-authored two books. And I want to help as many women as I can. 

M: Depression is no walk in the park, especially when paired with any type of unhealthy eating. On the bright side, it looks like you found your place in life with the help of some other incredible women, that are, without a doubt, beautiful just like you.  

I bet those women helped you redefine your definition of the word beauty. Can you let us know what you think beauty is today? 

B: I love the way I see beauty today. I think true beauty is having the confidence and the strength to LOVE yourself despite everything else.  

M: You’ve been inspired by women all around you in your life. I hope you understand that you’re already passing on that inspiration by being here, by sitting through this interview, and by sharing your words of wisdom. Is there anything specifically that you’d like to share with other women that could help them see their own beauty? Especially when it’s tough for them to notice it? 

B: I would say to all of the women out there that it is imperative to love yourself. Others cannot love you if YOU don’t love yourself. The journey starts there. 

M: Powerful, powerful words. We’re almost ready to get started! Just one more thing to ask: Why are you so excited to take these pictures today? Are these beautiful photos specifically important for you or are you just happy to feel good about yourself and showcase your beauty? 

B: Honestly, the pictures aren’t necessarily for me, they’re for other lades. 

I didn’t get to this stage in my life by myself. In fact, at my lowest point, I surrounded myself by genuine ladies and allowed them to help me see the real me. To help me love what I saw in the mirror. Because of them, I know that I am enough now.  

Every single woman that I get to spend time with throughout this campaign has really left an imprint on me. Brandy taught me something very important. She taught me that it’s absolutely necessary to have a great support system that helps you see your beauty. A great support system that has your back and makes you be a better woman in this world. 

She found her lovely ladies, and if you haven’t found yours, I highly encourage you to go out there and start searching. Together, you can inspire them and they can inspire you. You can also join the amazing group of ladies in a Private Facebook Group for my ladies.

Look at Brandy. Once she knew she was enough, she went out there and started up her own business and co-authored two books. She battled through the hard times and found good times. If she can do it, so can you! 

Want to check out her books?

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