You are Beautiful: Molly G.

You are Beautiful: Molly G.

Molly G

Everyone has their story to share, and Molly is significant to the women of the world with little self confidence. 

Molly didn’t actually know how to believe in her beauty at a young age; no one encouraged her to think her appearance or inner heart was beautiful. The bullies targeted her, making her feel low pretty much all the time. 

As she grew older, Molly married, had children, and divorced. These changes altered her life in a positive way and she’s very grateful for it. Now, she teaches her kids all about beauty, and you can tell just how important it is to her by reading her interview below.

Maggie: I like to start these interviews by gaining a little background knowledge on the person I’ll be photographing. With that being said, can you tell me how the word beauty made an impact on you when you were younger? What place did it have in your cultural or societal life?

Molly: Beauty was never something we really discussed in the home while I was growing up. Outside of that, I was picked on a lot by the bullies, and I believed what they were saying to me because no one was telling me to believe anything different. 

Since then, I’ve struggled with my self image. I don’t want my girls and my boy to go through that growing up, so I preach beauty daily and make sure they know it’s important to lift others up and stand up against bullies. I encourage my kids to always play with the kid that’s sitting alone. 

Realistically, being beautiful inside is what matters the most

MA: I see you mentioned that you struggled with self-image your entire life but you don’t want your kids to go through the same hardships. Do you think teaching them these lessons has changed your outlook on your self-image?

Molly Speaks on her Divorce

M: I definitely think it has something to do with it because my kids gave me a reason to live. Plus, my divorce gave me a reason to live better.

Recently, in the past year, I’ve lost 80 lbs and I’m finally starting to look how I feel. 

Now, I want to be on this journey for the rest of my life, discovering all that I can about myself and embracing it. I now choose to be happy, even on dark days.

MA: I’m sorry, I keep referencing back to what you teach your children! You said that you tell them that it’s important to be beautiful on the inside. Because that’s what matters the most.

What definition of beauty do you believe in and what definition have you communicated to the little ones? 

M: I’d say the definition of beauty that I believe in and I teach starts with being a good person. Helping others. Giving when possible. That’s all on the inside.

Outwardly, beauty is remembering that God made me look how I look. All I can do are things that enhance my visual attributes in an attempt to show my inner beauty on the outside for the world to see.

MA: That’s awesome that you have a separate definition regarding inward and outward beauty. Would you say you consider yourself beautiful?

Molly Speaks On Beauty

M: I’d say some days I feel more attractive than others, but I still don’t see what everyone else sees. I mean, I’ve taken more photos in the last few months than I’ve taken in the last decade, so I guess that speaks volumes. 

The responses I get from people are definitely flattering on the improvements I’ve made in the past year. They are helping me believe that I’m getting there. Plus, spending time with you has kind of forced me to see what they and you see.

While I don’t necessarily love what I see in the mirror yet, I am proud of the reflection I see today.

MA: It all starts with the reflection! Is that why you’re looking forward to getting these beautiful pictures taken of you?

M: I’m so excited for these photos because I want to see what you and everyone else sees. I need something to keep me moving in the right direction because it’s not always easy, and I think this will do a good job of that.

I am so excited to show you all Molly’s photos. As she stated in her interview, she has come a long, long way. She’s super excited that she’s lost a good amount of weight and she’s finally ready to show the world. Isn’t she gorgeous?

I want all women to feel beautiful in their own skin, and getting to know them a little before the photography session helps me bring out every sense of beauty that they have! Molly is a pure, fantastic example of that.

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