You are Beautiful: Nancy V's Story

You are Beautiful: Nancy V’s Story

The Good Heart Really Does Make You Beautiful 

Getting to know these beautiful women really has been so fantastic!

Recently, I had the opportunity of sitting down with and photographing Nancy, a single mother that grew up in a poor household. She came from little and brought herself up to believe that true beauty came from within – from the good heart, as she likes to call it. 

Nancy also likes to talk about how her mother and other inspiring women grew her confidence both mentally and physically. If you keep reading, you’ll learn so much more.

Maggie: Growing up, the people in our lives have some sort of impact on us; they leave some sort of imprint. 

When you think about your life growing up, what do you remember? What life experiences got you to where you are today and what does that mean to you? Do you remember feeling beautiful around the people in your life?

Nancy`s Life Growing Up

N: I grew up in a poor family as a single mom. I never had the chance to look in the mirror and really see myself.

I think that may be because I was always made fun of by everyone in my classes growing up. I carried myself poor and they targeted me for that. 

As a young girl, I lived in the country and in Vietnam. My mother is Vietnamese and my father was a soldier, half white and half black. Because of this, I got called names everywhere I went. No one really liked me and it was very sad. Kids would make fun of my features, my curly hair, my big lips, my dark skin. I never truly felt human around them.

One day, my mother told me that I couldn’t let people get to me like that. 

Eventually, I learned that beauty is not defined by anyone. It’s defined by yourself and what you see as beautiful. After coming to that realization, I felt better about myself. 

From that point on, I decided to start working out and taking care of myself better. Now, I feel beautiful both physically and mentally. 

M: I’m very happy to hear that you finally found your true beauty and decided to take care of yourself. Dismissing negative words from other people is the way to go! Feeling beautiful both physically and mentally will definitely start to happen once you dismiss those negative words, and look at you! You’re absolutely stunning.

I’d say that your definition of beauty has absolutely changed from when you were a young girl. What would you say your definition is today?

N: I’d say that beauty isn’t all in the way that we look. It also shouldn’t be based on what people say about our bodies or our looks.

For me, beauty is how I feel and how confident I am in myself, both mentally and physically. 

M: That’s what we should always focus on – how we feel in our own skin, both mentally and physically. Thank you for bringing that up.

I feel as if a lot of women don’t see their true beauty. They don’t focus on how they feel and how confident they are. Could you share some words of wisdom with those women out there that aren’t on the same page as you yet? I think you could absolutely inspire them to think more like you and be more confident. 

Nancy Speaks on True Beauty

N: Honestly, it’s easier said than done. The thing is, you need to learn to love yourself and work on that love. You can’t just sit there and do nothing about it and start to feel beautiful and confident. 

I think it’s best to not let anyone tell you that you’re not beautiful. 

You know that no one knows you better than yourself. You also know that looks can fade away in time. But what I always think about and what I always believe is that the good heart will stick with you for the rest of your life. Look at that and know your beauty.

M: Pure beauty really does come from within, which is what I believe you meant when you said that the good heart will stick with you for the rest of your life. That sentence will go far and reach the minds of various women, I believe. 

I’d like to bring the conversation over to how you seem like such a powerful woman now compared to when you were a young girl. You really grew up and understood your worth, which can ultimately showcase how powerful of a woman you are. Can you tell me why you feel powerful today compared to back then, because of what you’ve been through and who you’ve become?

N: I think that other women have shown me how beautiful I can be. Women today and in the past are uniquely powerful and they’ve made me feel uniquely powerful, too. 

So much so, that today I feel like I have more opportunities to show the world that others don’t scare me and can’t judge me like they once did. 

M: Perfectly said. I’m so happy to know that you are so incredibly confident and brave today. These photos are going to be amazing and they will showcase exactly how you feel on the inside – gorgeous. 

Do you have a specific reason as to why these photos are so important to you at this point in your life? Or are you just excited to get them done and see how they turn out?

N: I think that I work hard for what I look like and that I’m confident in my own body. That’s because I take care of myself now.

These photos are definitely important to me. I want to show my kids how beautiful I feel inside so that they’ll remember my beauty for years to come. 

Nancy overcame what some may call the impossible. She looked past all of those kids that used to talk about her and make fun of her and she found her true beauty. With the help of her mother, she realized that she would not let anyone ever get her down again.

Now, Nancy is a confident, gorgeous woman. She’s a single mom, doing her best to raise her children and work on herself every day. She works out, she takes care of herself, and she sees how good her heart is. Her heart makes her even more beautiful than she ever thought she could be, and if you look at your heart the way she looks at hers, you’ll see your inner beauty just like Nancy does. 

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