You Are Beautiful: Devinn D's Story

You Are Beautiful: Devinn D’s Story

Every Stage in Life Grants Us a Unique Opportunity to Show Off How Beautiful We Are

It’s funny how life works. One minute you’re a young girl thinking about the world around you and how it fits into your life, adopting views from your elders. The next minute, you’re a grown woman, finding your own meaning to things in life.

Devinn is a perfect example of what I just said. When she was young, she had an idea of what beauty was. But, as she grew older and more mature, she learned to get rid of how she once thought. She learned how to create her own meanings about beauty. She took the independent approach. 

Now, Devinn has a great mindset about herself and about the world around her. She encourages other women to dismiss the thoughts of the general public. It’s better to only care what you think of yourself after all, isn’t it?

Maggie: Let’s jump right in! Every woman in the world has a sense of what the word beautiful means to them. More often than not, the meaning of that word originates at a young age, before makeup and getting your hair done comes into the picture. 

So I’d like to ask, what meaning did the word beautiful have to you at a young age?

Devinn Speaks on Beauty

Devinn: Back in the day, I thought that to be thin was to be beautiful. But now, I don’t see that being the case. I now believe that curves are beautiful, too. 

M: Do you think that any particular life experiences changed your view on the term beautiful? As a little girl you thought being thin was beautiful but now you see that curves are beautiful, too. What made you change your mind?

Devinne Speaks on her Life

D: Well, currently I’m a mother of four boys. For the last thirteen years, I’ve been a stay at home mom, raising my kids. 

Today, I help run a business with my husband and I’m working towards my goals, graduating with a business degree this upcoming spring. 

I’d say my experiences of being a mama bear, an entrepreneur, a student, and a wife have given me the ability to handle life and everything it has to offer with grace. It’s like I have super powers! Maybe That’s where I found my true definition of the word beautiful. Going through all of those experiences has definitely changed me for the better.

M: That’s awesome; juggling all of those roles at home and work must be challenging, but as long as you’re prospering in the meantime and you love it, that’s all that matters. 

Now that you have a different definition of the word beautiful, would you say that you consider yourself to be beautiful?

D: Well, I don’t honestly entirely know. I think that my husband thinks I’m beautiful, and that’s great. But I do know that I have flaws. 

I’d say overall, I do love the way I look.

M: I think everyone has flaws and accepting our flaws adds to our beauty.I’m glad you mentioned that! 

If I had to give advice to the women of the world, I think I would tell them all to embrace their flaws and make sure that each difference doesn’t make them feel singled out. Differences are good.

If you had any special words of wisdom to share for the women of the world to hear, what would you say? 

Devinn`s Advice to Women Today

D: I would definitely say that for me, personally, the older I got the more beautiful I saw myself. With age, my beauty grew. 

With age, I found that I was able to grow my confidence. That comfort and confident feeling actually made me glow. 

So, don’t think twice about what other people think of you. Grow your confidence and work on how you treat yourself. The only thing that matters is how you view yourself in the end.

M: Great advice. I’m so excited for our photography adventures today! Before we get started, could you tell me why these beautiful photos are so important in your life right now? Do they hold a special meaning?

D: Yes, they actually do! 

These beautiful photos are going to allow me to look back on them when I’m older and see how truly beautiful I was in the past. 

Although I believe we, as women, remain beautiful no matter the age, I also believe that we gain a different kind of beauty in each stage of our lives. I’d love to see that and have documentation to show future generations in my family.

Well, there you have it! Devinn shared with us her past, her present, and her future. 

Thin used to be beautiful, but now there are all types of beauty in the world! Devinn is not ashamed to admit it and preach it from the hilltops. She also brought across a good point; women are beautiful at every stage in life. Doesn’t matter if you’re 5, 25, or 50.

With Devinn’s advice and my advice combined, I’d say it’s safe to live life to the fullest and embrace your beauty at whatever stage of life you’re currently at. And, do it with a smile!

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