You Are Beautiful: Amanda C.

You Are Beautiful: Amanda C.

Sometimes A Childhood Can Change You For The Better

Amanda did not have much to go off of growing up. Her mother left the family and her father remarried almost immediately, leaving Amanda at a loss for words; her new way of life was something she wanted nothing to do with.

However, when Amanda grew up, got married, and had children, everything changed. She started to live for her children, aspiring to make them proud. One day, she reached her goal and made her children love and appreciate her beyond belief. That love and appreciation made Amanda finally feel beautiful – even though she was on the inside and the outside, all along. 

Keep reading to see some of Amanda’s journey. The person she is today will amaze you.

Maggie: Everyone has a different upbringing. I know that I may have been raised a different way than you have been raised. Could you tell me a bit about that portion of your life? Did you learn anything that stuck with you into adulthood, anything on beauty or self love? Something along those lines.

Amanda: I actually didn’t learn much about beauty or self love growing up. 

I think that as I became a mother, things started to change. I never really had a mom to look up to or to learn from. Which is why when I finally became a mother myself, I learned that motherhood was all about sacrifice and putting the people you love before you.

I guess through that, I also learned that beauty is about what’s on the inside versus what’s on the outside. It’s how you love others and what you do to show that love.

M: Would it be ok if we talked a bit about your youth? You mentioned that you never really had a mom. Could you tell me about that life experience and maybe some other life experiences that may have helped you transition to that thought process? 

A: Honestly, I didn’t get much of a childhood. My mom walked out on us when I was just a young girl, and my dad almost immediately replaced her with what I called the wicked witch of the west. 

From then on, I had a hard teenage life, and married almost immediately after my 18th birthday. I wanted to escape the life I had. 

Shortly after I turned 19, I became a new mom. Soon after that, I was a single mom. I lived my life for my children, I tried to give them the best childhood I possibly could. 

Now, they’re all grown! Ages 19, 17, and 16. I look at them and I’m very proud of what they’ve become. I know they’ll do great things with their lives. 

Now, for the first time, I get to find a little bit of time for myself at the ripe age of 39! I’m looking at life now as a new chapter, allowing myself to experience things I never had the chance to feel. My children are very encouraging in this new stage of life, which makes me even more proud of them.

M: That’s absolutely precious. Having a close-knit relationship with your kids gives us an amazing feeling. Would you say that that connection allows you to feel beautiful?

I know that you believe beauty is on the inside and not the outside, so does that also mean that the love you have for your children and the love that they have for you makes you feel beautiful? 

A: I’m not sure if I think I’m beautiful. I guess I have my moments when I’m around the people that I love. They help make me feel more beautiful. They do fill my heart with so much love and desire; it makes me want to push on with my life and goals that I have set up for myself. 

M: I think it’s incredible that people in our lives can bring out our inner beauty and make us feel great. Loved ones definitely fill our hearts with love and encourage us to view ourselves in a positive light. 

I think it’s safe to say that every woman has their moments of negativity. You are absolutely beautiful! Think about it, what’s your definition of beauty?

A: I’d say beauty means having the strength to go through life no matter what is thrown at you. I think that the love you show to people in your family or friend group matters – the love that you show to a complete stranger matter!

I think true beauty is found on the inside, like how someone lives their life and how they treat people as opposed to the physical appearance of a person.

M: See! Your definition of beauty fits the person that you are perfectly. That’s truly powerful; knowing what beauty means to you and having that description fit you flawlessly is something to be proud of.

Do you think that certain aspects of your life have gotten you to where you are today? For example, how does the woman you are today make you uniquely powerful? All of those experiences added together must have changed you for the better.

A: I’d say I’m uniquely powerful because I always have the ability to pick myself up, dust myself off, and try again. I’m the only person in control of my own life, so it feels good to know I can do that.

Isn’t it neat that Amanda found her own path, one that truly emphasizes the amazing personality within her?

Today, her inner beauty shines outward for her kids, family, and friends to see. Heck, her inner beauty amplifies her outer beauty to everyone, even strangers!

What’s Amanda’s trick? She loves people genuinely, she has incredible strength, and she knows just when and how to pick herself up and push through the hard obstacles of life. These all sound like great goals to set and achieve one day, what do you ladies think?

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