You Are Beautiful: Amy W.

You Are Beautiful: Amy W.

True Beauty is in the Mind, Body, and Spirit

It’s crazy how the mind works. It’s also crazy that the mind can alter the way we perceive our beauty and the way we showcase our spirits/souls. 

The mind can play tricks on us – make us think one thing, when in fact that one thing just isn’t true. 

Take Amy here for an example. Her ex-husband devalued her as a woman, which made Amy devalue herself as a woman, dismissing her beauty. She had to exit that situation, reprogram her thoughts, and come to the realization that she was a beautiful, compassionate, and caring person. Which, luckily, she did. So keep reading to find out just how Amy did that.

Maggie: Everyone is raised to view the word beauty differently. Sometimes, family members and friends alter your meaning of the word when you’re little without you even knowing it. Other times, your surroundings accidentally shape your definition of the word through certain situations. 

What about you? What shaped the way you see beauty?

Amy Speaks on Growing Up

Amy: I grew up in a small town, where all the skinny girls were sought out for their beauty. I used to think that if I wasn’t a skinny cheerleader type, then I’d be passed over and forgotten about. 

As I grew up, I started to meet and interact with different people. Those people taught me that beauty isn’t just the exterior; it’s the entire person. The mind, body, and spirit. 

M: From what those people taught you, do you believe that you’re beautiful? Do you believe that your mind, body, and spirit combined brings out your inner beauty?

Amy Speaks on her Marriage

A: I’m 48 years old now and I was married to my husband for 25 of those years. Now, we are separated. For years, I devalued myself for my looks, partly because of the marriage. 

But the past two years were different; I had been excelling in my career and my husband didn’t seem to care. He continued to devalue me as a person and it just didn’t feel good. 

So, after the divorce, I took some time to reflect on what and where I wanted to be in my life, both personally and professionally. I came to a realization with some help from friends that I am a beautiful, compassionate, and caring person. I guess I could say that I’m a beautiful queen today. I’m thoughtful, caring, and I have a generous soul.

M:  It’s really something special when a woman can sit there and openly know that she is beautiful on the inside and outside. You have that wisdom; you know that you have a great mind, body, and spirit. I’m so happy to hear those words come out of your mouth.

Now I want to know what your definition of the word beauty is!

Amy Speaks on Beauty

A: My definition is very broad because I think everyone is beautiful in their own way. I don’t think it’s one specific physical attribute. It’s more of a combination of attributes. The whole “package” inside and out constitutes a person’s beauty. 

M: Those are some inspiring words, my friend! I’m sure you have more thoughtful insights in that beautiful head of yours. Anything specific that comes to mind? I’m sure our gal pals out there would love to hear some additional words of wisdom.

A: If I could tell our gal pals out there one thing it would be that every single person on this planet is beautiful. Just go over to the mirror and take a look at yourself. Know that people love you and care about you beyond belief. You are a queen and you should own that!

M: Thank you for telling our gal pals that they are queens! That made me so happy to hear.

Before we get started, could you just let us in on a little secret? Why are these beautiful pictures so important for you in this stage of your life?

A: Honestly, I used to think I wasn’t pretty or beautiful. I never thought taking pictures like this would do anything. But, I regained my confidence in the last year or so and I’ve seen your work online. I think your photos would show me that my inner beauty is a reflection of my outer beauty.

Well there you have it! Every single person on this planet is beautiful; doesn’t it sound absolutely amazing to hear that from another woman that once struggled with her own inner and outer beauty? It gives us a sense of hope that even if we’re thinking negatively, we can stop that. We can look at ourselves differently and really boost our own confidence to become this beautiful mind, body, and spirit combined.

All it takes is a little shift of the mind; what do you say? Let’s start thinking of ourselves as more beautiful!

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