Why Is Boudoir Photography So Expensive? - 4 Reasons Why
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Why Is Boudoir Photography So Expensive? – 4 Reasons Why

Why is boudoir photography so expensive? One of the most common questions I get as a boudoir photographer is about my pricing. Many people can understand paying a lot for wedding or family photos, but boudoir doesn’t feel “necessary” in the way that portrait sessions typically do, and so I often hear that question.

A professional boudoir photographer is no different than a professional wedding or family portrait photographer—and some people do all three! Just like with any product or service, you get what you pay for, and boudoir photography is an investment, and one that I believe is well worth it.

You’re hiring the services of a professional

A pro photographer is not someone who just picked up a camera one day and decided to shoot boudoir photos. They’ve had years of experience and training, attended courses and workshops, invested thousands of dollars in equipment and editing software. When you book a boudoir session with a professional photographer, you’re paying for all those years of experience which are necessary to pose you, light and frame your photos, as well as retouch and edit those images before sending them to you. It takes skill to know what settings to use and how to set up a studio to get the best images, and a professional has that skill.

You get hours of undivided attention

A boudoir photography session is almost a full-day affair. You get your hair and makeup done, private studio time, plus your photographer’s posing guidance and expertise. Those hours you spend in the studio are only part of the photographer’s work. They will have spent hours beforehand planning out your session in order to create the images you want, and they will spend hours afterward going through hundreds of photos and choosing and editing the best ones, as well as helping you order products such as wall art and albums.

You’ll be treated like a celeb

Have you ever wanted to feel like a model or a celebrity for a day? A big part of a boudoir photo session is getting pampered, having your hair and makeup done and being the star for the day. Plus, you get some amazing images that you can cherish and enjoy for years to come. Talk about self-care!

You are worth it

It can be easy for women to see the value in investing in family portraits or wedding photography, but it’s much harder to see the value in investing in something that is just for you. We often don’t devote enough time to ourselves or our own needs and instead focus on the needs of those around us. Boudoir is about feeling comfortable in your own skin and rediscovering your own strength and sexiness.

If you’re considering a boudoir session, ask yourself what your feelings of confidence and self-love are worth to you. How much would you invest in feeling amazing about yourself and your body?


I hope this article answers the question “Why is boudoir photography so expensive?” Boudoir is amazing to help women see their own beauty, build confidence and learn to treat and pampering themselves. Celebrate a milestone with a boudoir session.

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