Fearless After 40: Victoria C.
Black and white Boudoir photography with Victoria

Fearless After 40: Victoria C.

Being 40-years-old is wondrous, exhilarating, and absolutely beautiful. Women sometimes don’t embrace and acknowledge the fun and exciting age, myself included. But Victoria here, she gets it. She understands what it’s like to be a free woman, fearless of anything in the world. She understands how to let herself sit back, relax, and let what’s supposed to happen, happen. She has a unique thought process in this thing we call life, and we would all be smart to listen and heed her subtle advice. 

In an interview with Victoria the other day, I decided to start asking her questions like, “What makes you feel fearless?” She automatically started to answer, not holding back one bit. Here is a bit of our interview below. 

Maggie: What makes you fearless?

Victoria: I’d say, through everything that I’ve lived through, there’s one grounding rock that has made me fearless through the years. 

I’ve been through a lot in my 20’s. I’m talking about drug addiction, living on the streets, being sent to prison. Out of all that, there’s only ever been one constant that’s kept me alive and focused with no fear – and that’s my relationship with God. 

I think about it this way: I’m only alive because I still have things to do for Him. I don’t have to worry about next week or next year, because He’s already been there. That’s why if there’s something I have to do, even if I’m scared, I do it anyway because He’s with me.

Literally, even if I have a moment of fear, I immediately tell myself to get out of my head because I know God is with me. He already knows the outcome and what’s going to happen, so it’s cool. I don’t live in fear, ever.

M: That’s so awesome, so inspiring. Faith really does dissipate fear; I’ve seen it in countless people throughout the world, in my travels. I’m very happy that you brought that topic up because it’s a great example to set for other women like yourself to listen to.

I’d like to talk a bit about how you felt before coming to this Fearless and 40 photoshoots. Were you excited? Nervous? 

V: Honestly, two weeks ago I was great, I was good to go, I was looking forward to it. My dress had come in, it fit, everything was going to be good.

Then, a few days before the session, anything and everything went wrong. 

First, it was my hair, and that was really important. I was really excited because my hairdresser was going to take away the red and the blonde. We had to go in and immediately fix it and honestly, I just ended up rescheduling the appointment. I wanted to give my hair a little time to breathe and I thought then I’d go back and do it. 

But then again, I rethought it and I said to myself, “You’re going to be a basket case leading up to this again, so just do it, it’s gonna be fine.” So I did. I pushed my fear aside and fixed my hair and this morning, I woke up and my hair color was ok. It was good enough for me to come in, so I came in.

M: Oh no, I’m so sorry that happened to you. Sounds stressful, but you used your fearless tactics and got over the hump. You’re here! That’s super exciting.

Now, can you tell me about how you felt after the session?

V: Haha, I didn’t think it was going to be as strenuous as it was. All of the posing and all of the things I had to do. I mean I had been preparing myself mentally to listen to you and to focus, but I also thought that there’s no way people can do this for a living. I mean, I guess they do but that’s crazy strenuous. 

M: You’re not wrong about that, I’ll give you that. The constant posing and modeling can definitely be tough on the body. But you did such a great job!

Onto my next question, my favorite, the one that really taps into who you are as a woman. What makes you uniquely powerful?

V: Hmm, if I had to pinpoint it, I’d say that it’s my mentality. Mentally, I have the mind of a man and the body of a woman. I say that because I don’t let my emotions and feelings ruin situations in my life. 

I think about it this way: Everything that you or I go through in life, good or bad, grows a person. We were all created to be who we are and we can’t let little fallbacks keep us down. Successful people fall down and get right back up.

For me, you can’t tell me I can’t do something, because when I get it in my mind, I do it no matter how many times it takes me messing up to get it right.

M: Perfectly said. Admirable. And I think it’s cool that you have a “guys” mentality, that way you know how to balance being a woman and thinking rationally. 

We’re now at the end of our time together! I just wanted to check in and see if there was anything else you’d like to add to this interview?

V: Not that I can think of, but I do know that if you haven’t done a session with Maggie, you have to. You’ll feel so relaxed and really comfortable. If you’re thinking about it but you’re not married, still do it. Do it for you. You’ll have a blast.

Victoria was such a refreshing soul to chat with and photograph. Getting a bit about her past and relaying that to the rest of the world felt empowering to say the least. I know she had a blast with me, as I had a blast with her. It’s only the cherry on top that she’s such a confident, independent, fearless woman, am I right ladies? 

I say we go out into the world and take a little bit of her fearlessness and embrace it. Starting tomorrow, let’s have a little bit more courage and bravery because guess what? We’ll definitely be better for it! Here’s to fearless and 40!

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