You Are Beautiful: Debbie Sue
Boudoir photo shoot with Debbie Sue

You Are Beautiful: Debbie Sue

Conversing with Debbie Sue was a breath of fresh air. She knows what she thought as a young child about being beautiful, but she also knows what she currently thinks about being beautiful – and the two renditions are so magical

Keep reading to see how our lovely afternoon conversation went.

Maggie: Everyone has a different memory of what the word beautiful means. How they first heard it, first used it, first saw it, etc. What’s your earliest memory of the word beauty?

Debbie Sue: Growing up as a young girl, I remember being blessed with beautiful women surrounding me. My grandmothers were beautiful and my mother was absolutely stunning. 

Not only that, but the women in my family were always laughing when they were together. Seeing that made me realize that being happy was beautiful – ever since that early memory, I always try to find the “happy” in everything.

M: Can you tell us anything else about your childhood? What was it like to grow up around those beautiful women and the rest of your family?

D: Sure, I had those wonderful women in my life, but I also grew up with my older brother. He’s about 15 months older than me and kind of always saw me as his little brother. Inadvertently, that turned me into somewhat of a tomboy. That didn’t take away from my beauty, though!

Eventually, I figured out the feminine thing and ended up being a cheerleader in high school. Down the road, I married a man and had four boys with him. Unfortunately, that marriage ended 11 years later due to his alcoholism.

From there, I raised my kids as a single mom. I loved every minute of it. I have to say I’m very proud of the men they’ve become. 

In 2014, I was fortunate enough to rekindle my relationship with my now-husband, Scott. He’s absolutely loving, supportive, encouraging, and my best friend. He was definitely the first person in my life that made me feel beautiful, and it took me until I was 48 to fully realize that. 

M: Those experiences must have changed your definition of the word beautiful. Before marriage and divorce, you saw beauty as being happy. I’m sure you carried that with you through your life, but it became hard at times. Through your life experiences, can you tell us what your current definition of the word beautiful is?

D: I think being beautiful is just knowing how to move through your life with the utmost grace.

M: Nicely put. I couldn’t agree more. Do you have any advice for the women of the world? Any advice that might align them with your strong definition, to boost confidence and find their beauty?

D: First things first, I’d say to never compare yourself to others. I’d then go on to encourage all women to be leaders, not followers. 

Think about it this way: We all have a life book. There are some chapters we should highlight and hold onto, but there are others that we should never revisit. Knowing the difference will get you far.

M: Thank you for sharing your words of wisdom. Do you think you have a favorite aspect of life that has gotten you where you are today, that has made you feel uniquely powerful?

D: I’d say having the knowledge and experiences of raising my children is a great memory to look back on. I always worked hard to survive and dealt with failure and heartbreak as best I could to adopt compassion for others. I’d have to say I love it when my boys or friends ask for my advice, especially if what I say is beneficial to them.

A strong mother. A devoted wife. A loving friend. 

Debbie Sue had an experience with the word beauty as a young child, and that definition changed as she grew up and matured – as most women’s definitions do. But in the end, she came out on top with a great definition and an even greater outlook on life

She raised her boys and did everything in her power to be the happiest, most beautiful woman in the eyes of her loved ones. By the looks of it, she succeeded, and I think we could learn a thing or two from her. Don’t you?

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