How to Create a Vision Board and Start Dreaming About Your Boudoir Session
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How to Create a Vision Board and Start Dreaming About Your Boudoir Session

Yay, you are finally ready to book your boudoir session and your booking call with Maggie is just a few days away! Now you aren’t exactly sure what to do in the meantime. Before you start overthinking it, we’ve got the perfect solution to get you excited! Have you considered creating a vision board while you wait for your boudoir shoot session? 

It took a lot of courage to get this far and we aren’t letting you back out of a life-changing experience. Whatever your fear is, getting inspired for the success of your boudoir shoot is as essential as the session itself. Let’s call this your pre-boudoir photoshoot ritual, shall we? 

Why Create A Vision Board?

Congratulations! You went from wondering Why You Should Do A Boudoir Shoot to why you should create a vision board for it. In our book, you are already a mile ahead. Creating a boudoir vision board is definitely the next step to getting mentally prepared and inspired before your boudoir session. 

Have you ever felt like you need a little push to finally do that one thing you’ve always wanted to do? There are times when we plan to complete a task, actualize a dream or goal, either long-term or short-term, but find it hard to see it to the end. Sometimes, we lose inspiration or do not have enough of it in the first place. Other times, it could be that we have little to nothing to remind us why we began the process in the first place.

In your case, creating a vision board for your boudoir shoot is the reminder you need. Learning how to create a vision board is a step closer to keeping you hyped for your shoot!

A vision board is simply a pictorial representation of intended goals and dreams, which serves as a constant visual reminder. You might not realize it but seeing the visual representation of what your goals look like prepares your subconscious. It also helps to develop a habitual mindset to reach your goals.

Creating a boudoir vision board helps you discover your style, get to know what you like and dislike, and also, to get inspired for the type of shoot you want. What’s more, sharing it with your photographer is one of the ways you can make your boudoir session comfortable and exciting!

By the way, you don’t need to sweat on the thought of how to create a vision board. Creating a vision board is SO easy! Collecting images you admire reminds you of the reason you decided to do it in the first place. Do you want to remind yourself of your feminine worth? To boost your self-confidence? Or to feel sexy and beautiful? Not to worry, creating your boudoir vision board reminds you of all that! Seeing that many boudoir inspirations of stunning women could also show why you thought to empower yourself with a boudoir session. That’s precisely the kind of feeling you need if you are cowering away! 

First, you need to know how to create a vision board for your boudoir plans. Let’s discuss how to create a Pinterest vision board.

How To Create A Boudoir Vision Board Using Pinterest

You can either go for a paper vision board, meaning you use a physical board of any size of your choice. You can easily fix your pictorial representations onto the board or opt for a digital vision board, which is more complex. Getting a digital vision board means using software applications like Pinterest on your mobile phone or PC to make them. The steps on how to create a vision board on Pinterest are quite few and easy. Read along!

Step. 1

Download the Pinterest app on your mobile phone or PC and register with them to create a user account. You can create a Pinterest account for free. 

Step. 2

Choosing your board theme is the first mental preparation. It has to do with identifying your vision or goal for the board. For a boudoir dreamer, the board theme is boudoir and boudoir photography.

Step. 3

Create your Pinterest Vision Board

  • Go to your account -> Saved
  • Click on the + sign (far right above the top-right board) -> Click “Board”
  • Enter your desired board name for your theme then (optional- make your board secret) -> Click “Create

Step. 4

Add photos to the already created vision board. You can decide to choose photos for your boudoir theme from Pinterest itself or outside of Pinterest. The choice is yours. All you have to do is select boudoir inspirations and images that inspire you and make you look forward to your session. 

To complete your Pinterest Vision Board, you can search for photos directly on Pinterest by using keywords of the particular content you’d like to see. For example, while looking for pictures and visual representation that would fit into your boudoir vision board, you should: 

  • Search using the keywords ‘women in lingerie’, ‘implied topless’ or ‘implied nude’ etc. 
  • Click on the pin of visuals I’d like to add to my vision board
  • Go to the drop-down list and select my vision board
  • Click on a ‘save’ button to add it to the vision board.
  • Share with Maggie, or your photographer, to help her tailor your photoshoot to you and offer clothing recommendations at your consultation. 

That’s all on how to create a Pinterest vision board. With a couple of images, photos, and quotes, your boudoir vision board is ready! Don’t hesitate to edit your board by removing and adding pins as you like!


Immediately you’re done learning how to create a vision board and actually creating one, it becomes easier to manifest your boudoir dreams. If you have issues with confidence, you can even use your boudoir vision board to train and drive yourself away from skepticism.

Seeing your vision board daily can make you lose your insecurity and help you look forward to your boudoir session. If you were just dreaming of it and were not able to make the decision to do it, seeing your boudoir vision board affirms your readiness daily.

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If you have always been dreaming of a beautiful and sexy photograph to fill your photo collection or you need help in planning and manifesting your dream shoot, schedule a call with Maggie.

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