Valentine's Day Limited Edition Special
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Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Special

Day by day, we are getting closer to the season of love. Interestingly, the pressure to get your loved one a well-thought valentine’s day gift is on, but we have a question;


Yes, you deserve love from yourself too!

What are you getting yourself for Valentine’s Day?

Self-love is important because how you love yourself teaches others to love you. Have you ever thought about doing your Boudoir Shoot?

A perfect Valentine’s Day gift idea for women who practice self-love is a boudoir session. Boudoir is so popular because it is a ripple effect of inspiration. It is the type of photography that keeps on giving; you see it while you’re having a bad day, and it brings back memories of a time when you felt beautiful and happy with yourself. When you remember such periods of your life, you will feel motivated. Also, boudoir photography is widely known as a way for women to inspire other women to love their bodies. 

What is a Boudoir Shoot? 

A boudoir photo shoot is more than just intimate pictures of it. It treads the fine line between fashion portraits and glamour photography. Its power helps women feel beautiful, confident, and sexy in their skin.

Where can I get Boudoir Pictures Taken? 

If you are searching for a top boudoir photographer near you, look no further!!!

In the spirit of the season, I am happy to announce our Valentine’s Day Special for every woman! If you are in Central Texas, the best Lago Vista boudoir photographer is here with a fabulous Limited Edition Valentine’s Boudoir Special. Several amazing Valentine’s Day boudoir specials.

Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Special 

While many blogs will provide Valentine’s Day gift ideas for him and her, here’s a gift idea FOR YOU.

To commensurate February 14th, your Valentine’s Limited Edition Photoshoots includes:  

Makeup Only (you come hair ready) 
1 Outfit
White Sheet Set 
Receive either $250 off any Digital Collection 
Or receive special pricing with our Prepaid  Limited Edition Digital Collection.
In-Person Ordering Appointment

Our in-person ordering appointment was created to help clients make the design and image selection process a lot easier. Note that there are limited slots available, so make a move now! We only have availability for eight ladies. Our priority is to create stunning images that you will gush over for years to come. What’s the 411? Well, find out more as you read further!

What Can I Expect to Pay for the Boudoir Session? 

Our Boudoir photography pricing depends on several factors, such as session types and product offerings. You are in luck nonetheless! Despite the investment, we are offering a Valentine’s Limited Edition Boudoir Special to you for a token of $75! Portraits are additional. You can also choose to accept our offer of $250 off any digital collection. Plus, you can purchase a Prepaid Limited Edition Digital Collection to unlock amazing specials! 

Investments start at $695, with exclusive payment Plans available. We are only offering this service to 8 lucky ladies, and there is even special pricing on the Limited Edition Digital Collection! Watch this space because we will reveal more exciting details soon! 

If you want to know more about how to practice self-love with a boudoir session for Valentine’s Day, you should stick around for our next blog– where we detail the unique boudoir experience.

In the meantime, you can expect to discover how to boost your self-image physically, mentally, and emotionally. What’s more, it helps when you go through the process, as it tends to remind you of who you are and who you are becoming. So, stick with us as we will reveal more in time!

Why Invest in Portrait for Valentines? 

The simple answer is you can’t put a price tag on self-love. Some women choose boudoir to boost their confidence due to the empowering feeling when done by a pro. It isn’t merely about the picture you receive at the end of the day. It is about the wholesome experience itself –from creating a boudoir vision board, finding outfits that make you feel beautiful, learning to embrace your body just as it is, having a unique and fun experience, just to name a few. There is much more to it that you will never understand until you try it out yourself. 

Although boudoir photography may be an investment into yourself you hadn’t considered, Maggie Messer is promoting self-love this Valentine’s season through her Limited Edition Special. You can experience your boudoir photo within a short period for $75 only, including portraits! Considering that there are only eight slots left, you might want to hurry! 

Are you still wondering what you could do with Valentine’s photos? You’d be surprised at the number of ideas we have for you and how fulfilling each one is for you. From using it as wall art in your private space to having a collection (album) and more options, each of which we will discuss in our blog. So, stay connected to our sites as we have more juicy details subsequently. 

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To begin your journey into boudoir photography, in other words, self-love, kindly schedule a call with us to book your session.

For our Valentine’s Day Limited Edition Boudoir Special, sessions will take place Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Fridays at 11:30 in February. Maggie Messer Photography Studio is located at 20811 Dawn Dr # 300, Lago Vista, TX 78645, United States.

It is the perfect opportunity to do this for yourself or a remarkable woman in your life at the best price! 


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