6 Boudoir Outfit Ideas
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6 Boudoir Outfit Ideas

A Shopping Guide for your Boudoir Photoshoot

So you are considering a Boudoir Photoshoot or maybe you’ve already booked one and you are wondering what to wear. Here are some highlights of 6 boudoir outfit ideas to consider for your Boudoir Session.

Some photographers offer a Client Closet, but as part of my Boudoir Experience, I feel it’s important for you to select your own lingerie/outfits. Part of Building Confidence through Boudoir is exploring outfits and figuring out what makes you pretty. To help you achieve this and make it easy, we want you to start with a Vision Board (How To Create A Pinterest Vision Board). Start exploring boudoir outfit ideas and dreaming about what outfits you’d like to consider for your Boudoir Photoshoot. 

The next step is trying on outfits you already own. Do you love them? Do they make you feel beautiful and sexy? Maybe it’s time to venture out and try on something new. Explore, and learn all about you and what makes you feel beautiful! After all, that’s the most important part of this experience – feeling beautiful, sexy, and confident! 

If anyone has read The Four Agreements: A Practical Guide to Personal Freedom by Don Miguel Ruiz, you might understand this philosophy. In “The Second Agreement – Don’t take things personally” Ruiz talks about really becoming self-aware, knowing exactly who you are and what you want without seeking acceptance and validation from others. It’s about experiencing freedom and true happiness for yourself. This book was recommended by a girlfriend. I had read it years ago and didn’t think much more about it. I never realized I placed some of these teachings into my business until one day I was talking with a client, Molly, about the importance of figuring out outfits for yourself. She stated and giggled – You read The Four Agreements, didn’t you? We both smiled and at that moment, I realized the importance of this task that I ask of each of my clients. 

So now, that you’ve started your Vision Board on Pinterest, let’s get some inspiration for you on where to start. 

An all-time classic Boudoir Choice is the Boyfriend Shirt  

Want a simple outfit idea, and a client favorite, for your Boudoir Shoot?  A boyfriend’s Shirt is a great choice. This is a great plus-size boudoir outfit idea! Just a Shirt and a cute pair of panties are all you need if you are a minimalist.  Add a bra if you feel you want more coverage and support.  Jazz it up with one of his ties to help personalize it. 

The Boyfriend Shirt a Boudoir Classic!  I love the twist of going with this option of a more flowy shirt, plus this one is a little see-through, which makes it another great option for our Semi-Silhouettes. The shirt is a classy boudoir outfit idea for anyone. It’s oversized, loose, and my favorite part, it’s not stiff, like a traditional man’s shirt. The material flows nicely, which is great for movement in photography. 

If you want to stay with tradition and go with a Man’s Shirt, then I recommend one that is more fitted.  A regular dress shirt tends to be too bulky and becomes less flattering on your figure.  This style tends to be longer and cinched at the waist.  Try 1 size bigger than you think to give the illusion of it being your man’s. With a traditional Man’s shirt, you get the added benefit of the sleeves cooperation and staying rolled up nicely.  

Consider adding a Robe to your Boudoir Photoshoot

A robe is a great addition to any Boudoir Outfit.  It will add variety to your set.  Do some with the robe and some without.  Plus, for some women, it will give you a little bit of security with what you are wearing underneath. 

Short Lace Robe

Lace is a beautiful texture when photographed.  It has a sense of romance and femininity all on its own. Lace is great when you want to camouflage a little more than what you might find with a sheer robe.  The ¾ sleeve is a nice touch and is preferred on a short robe.

Short Sheer & Lace Robe

A Sheer robe is beautiful for showing off more of what’s underneath.  Its transparency still offers a bit of mystery  The long sleeves are always flattering for the arms. Sheer is a great option for Semi-Silhouettes to showcase your figure.

Red Lace is powerful!

Red has always been my favorite color to photograph women in ( next to black). It captures the viewer’s attention and draws focus right to the client. My clients will often hear me say that the lightest part of the photograph is where someone’s attention goes, but with Red – the attention goes straight to you – the eyes are drawn in almost magnetized a bit. Add this red robe to your list of curvy plus-size boudoir outfit ideas! Here are 2 fabulous options to consider. 

This company offers a variety of Plus Size Boudoir Outfits for all the curvy ladies. No need to give us style just.

A bodysuit is flattering on most bodies and an excellent choice for a Boudoir Session. This beautiful piece has a great combination of textures – sheer and lace- which photograph well.  The straps give it an element of sass that I love.  The wire support is perfect for ladies who need it.  So important when choosing an outfit for Boudoir.

This is an adorable choice for a Boudoir Session.  It’s playful, modest, and flirty all at the same time.  It hides the tummy, my number 1 heard concern and covers the arms a bit.  The lace softens the look and brings a beautiful texture to photographs.  Red is always a beautiful color to be photographed in.     

A Corset is another Classic choice for a Boudoir Outfit 

I love how they look fabulous on everybody. The key is getting one that fits well around your waist and chest. The looks can be so unique depending on what you decide to wear with them. Try a pair of Leather Leggings, a skirt, or simply a pair of cute panties to compliment. If you opt-in for a Wings Set for your Session – this is a great option for your outfit. One of my clients recommended sizing up 1 size for the best fit. Worth trying multiple sizes. 

This corset is sleek, stylish and creates a killer shape with the leading lines in the design.  The upfront hooks make it an easy option to get dressed alone. ( Not to worry, I’m here to help during your session). Boning is great for keeping it shape and holding your hourglass. 

Looking for an outfit that’s a bit more edgy?  Then this corset is one to consider.  Add a pair of torn jeans and Black heels for one look or bring your thigh-high boots for a completely different look.  Or simply add a pair of panties and stockings with heels.   This is another piece you could dress yourself in with the front zipper.

Fishnets are Back but in a unique way

If you are young enough, you might remember fishnets from the ’80s & ’90s (okay, I just dated myself). I found these alternative fishnet body suits for this week’s Amazon Weekly Pick. They are from the same manufacturer, just different styles. I absolutely love them. What do you think?

This lace fishnet adds an element of style and sexiness to your boudoir photoshoot.  It’s unexpected and fun.  Pair it with a strapless bra and pair of panties. Pull your hair back and add some long dangly earrings to bring a  little more romance to this outfit.

This classic fishnet set brings a little more edge to your look.  This is an easy style upgrade to any bra and panty set. Want to change it up a bit, add a pair of leather pants or a fun pair of thigh-high boots.  Either would be a fun addition.

Have you Considered Chain Mail?

Ready to try something different and fun? First, who doesn’t love sequences or something sparkly? How about a Chain Mail Bra? Want a little more coverage and still all the fun? Try the Chain Mail Dress.

An all-time favorite boudoir outfit is this stunning Halter Chain Bra. Wear it alone or wear it with a bra or over a bodysuit for a little flair. It can be paired with a pair of panties, leather leggings, or a pair of jeans.  Dress it up or down for Sassy Style.  Great for any size because you tie in the back and neck, just adjust to fit. 

Want a little more coverage but still want to add bling to your session?   How about a sequence dress?  But not any dress, try a unique chain mail dress guaranteed to make you want to hit the dancefloor.  Plus you’ll feel like a Goddess wearing it.

Want to check out more boudoir outfit ideas? We’ve put together a collection of outfits that we know will photograph well and many of our clients have enjoyed. More are added every week. Great place to explore. 

Living or traveling to the Austin, TX area and want to schedule your own Boudoir Photoshoot? We’d love to chat with you. We can go over the Experience, What to Expect, How to Get Started, answer any questions and get you booked in for your own Luxury Experience. 

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We are creating an #AmazonFinds Shopping Guide to help you find great Boudoir Outfit ideas for your Boudoir Photoshoot. We hope you find some fun inspiration and it makes shopping a little easier. 

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