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Maggie Messer Renews Certified Professional Photographer Certification

March 02, 20236 min read

Many people think that Boudoir Photography is just sensual, intimate pictures – but it is so much more. Boudoir Photography is about helping you see your own beauty to feel sexy again and have beautiful images to reflect on forever. 

Posing in lingerie is a vulnerable moment for you and your photographer should prioritize your need to feel safe. Not only do you need a photographer who knows how to make you feel comfortable but also one who is a professional. As a client, here is why hiring a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP) is crucial to you.

What does CPP mean?

Before we delve into why a photographer is more valuable to you as a professional, why don't we discuss what it means to be a professional photographer? CPP means Certified Professional Photographer. When you see “CPP'' written alongside a photographer’s name, it is an indication that they are a proven professional photographer. The Professional Photographers of America (PPA) was established in 1868 and is an integral association in the photography industry. PPA plays a key role as the facilitator of the CPP credential. 

Why Choose a Certified Photographer

Certified Professional Photographer

PPA’s CPP program is the assurance every client needs to know that their special events, moments, and other celebratory phases are being photographed by a pro. Having passed through the process myself and recently renewing my designation, I can categorically say it’s a priority for you to choose a CPP. The advantages of hiring Maggie Messer, a Certified Professional Photographer (CPP), includes: 

Consistency: Hiring a CPP means you're bound to get outstanding results all the time. I am intentional about my craft and it shows in the results. Unlike a random photographer who might give you a few lucky snaps, I'm trained to create a solid collection of photographs that convey your story. Over the last 20 years, I have studied the art of lighting, posing, and capturing emotions in my work. With me, you will be getting decades of experience along with my dedication to producing quality images my clients will appreciate for years. 

Technical Expertise: Photography is about more than holding a camera and saying "cheese!" To produce the image that will bring a smile to your face after the shoot, I'll deal with the technicalities. I'm talking about the perfect lighting, pose, outfit, decor, and more. By blending these elements, I produce images that reflect my client's personal style. 

Learning a craft is one thing while working towards perfection is another. I am always striving to make my images better than the last. From beautiful lighting to design, I always work towards making my next image a little better and more refined. A mentor once told me, "You are only as good as your last photograph." I never forgot his words. For me, it's about taking pride in my work for myself, and also for my clients.

Professionalism: It is as much an essential aspect as any of the previous merits. I will go above and beyond to create the most amazing photographs possible. I place a high value on the client experience and ensure you are beyond happy. As a business owner, I strive to deliver excellent service that exceeds your expectations on a regular basis. These moments I capture for you are ones you'll reflect on over and over again and cherish for the rest of your life.

Maggie's Journey as a CPP 

As proof of my dedication to my craft and clients, I renewed my certification with the PPA (Professional Photographers of America). Extending my certification as a professional photographer means I get to continually work on enhancing my craft to create more beautiful portraits you will cherish and reflect on years later. Trust is an essential part of your journey, and I am keen on gaining yours by providing only the best boudoir photography experience and portraits.

Even after I earned my Bachelor of Science Degree in Photography, I didn't stop there. I pushed myself further to improve my skills and satisfy my clients better. So, in 2004, I began working towards my Certification through PPA. The primary reason I embarked on this self-improvement journey was to prove to myself that the work I was producing aligned with other top professionals in the industry.

The Certification consists of 2 parts; a written exam and images which are viewed and judged by a panel of Master Photographers. To pass, my portraits must comprise all 12 elements of a merit image assessed and approved by the judges. 

As with any Certification Program, the written exam was quite rigorous. I spoke to some CPPs at the time to increase my chances of doing well. However, they all took the test two to three times but I wanted to do better, so I challenged myself. I became resilient and thoroughly studied for 3 months. Through my dedication and perseverance, I passed my exams on the first try against all odds! 

The second part, which included submitting images to be judged by Master Photographers, was thrilling. The criteria were that the photo I presented should consist of the 12 elements of a merit image but I wanted to be meticulous. To ascertain the quality of my work, I contacted some amazing Master Photographers that were generous in not only helping me select images to submit but also helping me understand the process better. The entire process from start to finish, made me understand my craft more. I learned what the elements are and their significance to my craft:

  1. Impact

  2. Technical Excellence

  3. Creativity

  4. Style

  5. Composition

  6. Presentation

  7. Color Balance

  8. Center of Interest

  9. Lighting

  10. Subject Matter

  11. Technique

  12. Story Telling

To maintain the Certification, I am required to continue with a certain amount of education each year to constantly master my craft or retake the exam and image submission. I love learning, so I choose to continue my hands-on photography education each year. You’d be surprised to learn that I spend over 3 weeks a year in different live workshops to keep up with my requirements. The best part? I love every minute of it!

I am proud of the work I create for my clients and I feel they deserve the best I can offer them. Maintaining my Certification is one of the ways I honor them. I'm not only learning but also implementing. I combine the 12 elements of merit image while shooting for my clients to make them feel uniquely beautiful! 


After reading through this article, you certainly know where to find a Certified Professional Photographer, specifically for your boudoir photoshoot. My work is not only going to make you feel beautiful but also instill a lingering feeling of loving your body more than ever before. This feeling will last even after the shoot and will be more profound when you see the admirable images I create for you. 

Interested in a glamour or boudoir shoot to showcase what makes you uniquely beautiful? Check out our Website.

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