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You are Beautiful: Leslie D.

March 02, 20234 min read

Nothing Stopped This Young Mom From Showing Her Kids What Beauty Truly Is

As a young mom, it was hard for Leslie D. to realize that she was beautiful. Her main focus was centered around raising her children right and teaching them to be nice to others - and to have kind, humble souls. 

But what Leslie didn’t realize in the midst of that is that she was teaching them how to be beautiful from the inside out. 

As she grew up quickly and started to implement her core values and morals into her kids' minds, she finally realized that beauty lies within our hearts - and it shines outward. Keep reading to find out more about her beautiful journey.

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Maggie: For me, it’s not enough to simply photograph the beautiful women I get the pleasure of working with within the glamor and boudoir world. I want more than that. I want to get to know these magnificent gals and really understand what’s behind their gorgeous minds and bodies. 

With that, I’d like to ask you a bit about yourself and your past. Whatever it is that comes to mind about you and the life you live.

Leslie D: For starters, I’m a mother of four children. I became a mom when I was 15 years old, which made me grow up quickly. 

I didn’t have much of a childhood. I took it upon myself to be an example for my children, to show them that we all needed to be nice people with humble hearts. 

When I think back on my life experiences, I know that life is not easy, but there’s always a bright side to things. We can’t let things keep us down, we have to get back up. 

White Sheet Leslie D

M: Just because you had children at a young age does not make you any less capable. You brought those kids up to be the best versions of themselves - and with humble hearts! That is absolutely breathtakingly beautiful. 

Can you tell me something? Can you tell me what your definition of beauty is?

Leslie D: My definition of beauty is definitely a person that has a kind heart - a person that’s humble. Some people are beautiful with ugly hearts. People like that can’t hide their ugly hearts. Over time, you can realize that such people are not so beautiful after all.

M: Well, I’d like to say you do not have an ugly heart. You have a kind heart and you’re definitely humble. Great attributes to have. 

Which leads me to this - what's your favorite non-physical feature about yourself? You mentioned a kind heart and a humble soul, but what else comes to mind?

Leslie D: I’d say my favorite feature is that I have an open mind all the time. I love that about myself. I think that’s also why people love to open up to me as if they’ve known me their whole life. 

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M: I hope you don’t mind me saying this, but you are very confident in the woman that you’ve grown to become. So many women wish they could be where they are today, and they’re all working towards it day by day. 

Because of the humble personality you have, would you be ok with sharing some words of wisdom based on your own personal experience, to help others realize that they are beautiful?

L: I can absolutely do that. I think it’s hard to see sometimes, but we are all beautiful. Beauty comes in all different shapes and forms. We always have to remember that it’s about the beauty in our hearts above all else.

M: Well put. Thank you for that advice. 

To close up this lovely conversation we’ve been having, is there anything else that comes to mind that you’d like to share with other lovely ladies?

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L: I’d say that I signed up and did this photoshoot about four months ago. It was really fun, not stressful at all. I enjoyed everything about the preparation, going shopping, getting ready, and I truly loved the entire experience. I feel like this is an experience I needed in my life. Something to help me realize I deserve to be happy and feel beautiful. Thank you so much for making me realize that.

Leslie was so fun to work with. I enjoyed photographing her because she needed to see what true internal beauty looked like on camera. And I’m so beyond happy that she’ll get to keep these pictures for years to come, to look back on whenever she sees fit. 

My favorite part, though, was hearing her trail on about how she taught her kids how to be nice and kind - and how to have a humble personality. It’s so important for kids to be brought up knowing those traits take priority over some others. Not only did Leslie’s beauty shine out from her and unto the world, but she was also able to pass it down to her four fantastic children.

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